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Level-up your career development with Celonis Academy Glow Up 2022

The Celonis Academy Glow Up - 2022 is the perfect time to level-up your process mining and execution management skills. During this back-to-school-style event, learners can get quick access to a customized list of training courses designed to fit their professional development goals.

Employers across industries are looking for candidates with experience in data science, data engineering and data analytics. Indeed, data-centric positions are among the top tech jobs for 2022. In its ranking of the 15 highest-paying IT jobs, staffing company Robert Half ranks big data engineer (#1), data architect (#6), database manager (#7), data security analyst (#8) and data scientist (#9).

Likewise, process mining and execution management are some of the top skills to learn in 2022.

Celonis Academy Glow Up 2022 FAQ

When is Celonis Academy Glow Up 2022? Glow Up 2022 began in September and was originally scheduled to run through the end of the month. But after overwhelming feedback from learners, Glow Up was extended by two weeks to October 12. 

What is Celonis Academy Glow Up? During the Glow Up event, Academy learners can use a new online course recommendation tool (the Glow Up Quiz) to get a customized playlist of training materials.

Celonis Glow Up 2022 Quiz with answers

Participants answer three simple questions about their level of Celonis knowledge, familiarization with Celonis Business Apps, and their learning objectives. The tool then creates a list of Academy courses based on their answers. Learners can use the list to quickly access each course.

Celonis Glow Up 2022 recommended course list

What does it cost to participate in Celonis Academy Glow Up? Participating in Glow Up is free. In fact, Celonis Academy offers over 300 free, online courses to help business professionals and students learn the process mining, process management and execution management skills that employers are looking for.

How can I participate in Celonis Academy Glow Up 2022? You can start or continue your Celonis learning journey on the Celonis Academy Glow Up 2022 page.

BONUS: Get your Celonis Fundamentals Badge

Depending on their selection of courses, learners might get a Celonis Fundamentals Badge. If they want to earn the badge no matter what, they can take the Celonis Kickstarter training independent of Glow Up.

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Bill Detwiler
Senior Communications Strategist and Editor Celonis Blog

Bill Detwiler is Senior Communications Strategist and Editor of the Celonis blog. He is the former Editor in Chief of TechRepublic, where he hosted the Dynamic Developer podcast and Cracking Open, CNET’s popular online show. Bill is an award-winning journalist, who’s covered the tech industry for more than two decades. Prior his career in the software industry and tech media, he was an IT professional in the social research and energy industries.

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