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Mapfre says process mining enables insurance transformation

Mapfre, a large global insurance company, said that "process mining is being instrumental in the transformation strategy across the enterprise."  Mapfre, the largest Spanish-owned insurer in the world serving 26 million people, participated in a joint session with Celonis industry leaders at Madrid Insurance Week 2023

Iván Villar, Mapfre's Director of Processes and Automation, said Celonis Process Mining has provided "an opportunity for change" across the insurer's diversified business by exposing inefficiencies."

Villar said:

"We had to focus on which dimensions we had to attack, multiple lines of business, multiple processes, multiple systems, multiple geographies. We also saw that, in order to maximize the detection of improvement opportunities, we had to analyze not only the single processes but also the intersections between the different processes. That is why we are looking at the end-to-end policy lifecycle process (underwriting, claims, payments, etc.). All this led us to design and implement an industrial model that would facilitate the implementation of the Process Mining practice with Celonis in all our businesses, and today it is a reality."

Ernesto Landin, an Operations Technician at Mapfre, said process mining allows the insurer to "make diagnosis based on data in the systems."

He added: "It also allows us to measure all the dimensions of the process, and its progression over time, after implementing improvement actions, both inside and outside the platform itself. This helps us to understand our actual processes and to be able to detect what are the benchmarks and enables us to establish compliance models based on existing in-house reference models".”

Nieves López, Celonis Account Executive for Banking and Insurance, Iberia, highlighted that every company in any industry is a set of interconnected processes that interact between departments, systems and regions.  These processes determine how effectively a company can operate and deliver value.

Claudia Rasi, Celonis Presales Engineer of Solutions for Banking and Insurance, Iberia and LATAM, said insurers are wrestling with processes that are evolving and not running as planned. "There's a high level of complexity," said Rasi. 

Rasi said insurance companies have been using the Celonis platform to optimize processes across the enterprise, create a process digital twin and orchestrate execution across various systems. 

Maximilian Blum, Customer Value Manager for the Financial Services Industry, EMEA, said insurers should consider four criteria when scaling process mining: Strategic relevance, potential for improvement, technical feasibility and team motivation. "Two good starting points for insurers are claims management and commercial/underwriting processes," said Blum, who encouraged insurers to start. "You can start small and you will scale."

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