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Catch duplicate invoices and streamline AP with the updated Celonis Duplicate Checker App

Celonis Duplicate Checker App updates reduce setup time, improve duplicate detection and enable EMS customers to realize value more quickly.

Paying invoices twice is a bad business practice in the best of times, it can be disastrous in the current climate of high inflation and supply chain constraints. Celonis commonly finds duplicate payment rates between 0.1% to 0.5% and up to 1.5%. Some research puts that number as high as 2%. And though the percentage of transactions is small, the costs can add up quickly. 

Celonis customers have identified and cut unnecessary costs by millions using the Duplicate Checker App. Deutsche Telekom Services Europe (DTSE) saved $3.2M using Celonis to analyze outgoing payments and flag duplicates to employees.

Part of Celonis’s Accounts Payable Execution App, the Duplicate Checker App enables our AP customers to address the persistent and costly challenge of processing and paying invoices twice – only to be discovered later in an audit.

Unlike competing products, the Celonis Duplicate Checker App identifies both exact and approximate duplicate invoices:

  • Exact duplicates have matching invoice numbers, invoice amounts, dates, and vendors.

  • Approximate duplicates are invoices that may have been submitted twice, entered with last month's invoice due date by mistake, or had a price update. These separate invoices have slightly different invoice fields, even though they are actually the same invoice.

Duplicate Checker App animated gif Aug 2022 updates

The Celonis Duplicate Checker identifying duplicate invoices.

Today, we’re announcing four updates to the Duplicate Checker App that build on its existing success and future improve the customer experience:

  1. Reduced time to set up: Implementation is the first step of the Duplicate Checker App. In order to get up and running quickly, we’ve defined prescriptive error messages to guide implementation efforts. They are no longer transcribed in code and are easier to understand. If anything comes up after your team has been working on the app, resolution times will be quicker with user-friendly messages to let you know where the app is sticking. 

  2. Strengthened data pipeline resiliency: Data integration is the baseline of Celonis’ apps. If the data pipeline configuration is not stable, the app may not identify duplicates or check new incoming invoices. But sometimes in the midst of updating configuration settings, table names get updated or change locations, which compromises data stability. Any app configuration changes are now identified by the app and will trigger a clean reset of the entire data pipeline based on the new configuration, allowing your team to work more seamlessly.

  3. Improved algorithm efficiency: Algorithms are at the heart of the Duplicate Checker app and hold the key to optimal computing performance. We’ve enhanced our algorithms to more efficiently detect duplicate invoices. This mitigates out-of-memory errors, especially for large data sets, allowing you to scan more invoices in less time.

  4. Extended documentation: Getting started with a new application can cause headaches if the proper support is unavailable. Don’t worry about the Duplicate Checker App; we’ve just improved our documentation to provide a step-by-step installation guide and user and algorithm documentation with a robust troubleshooting section to ensure that you can resolve roadblocks without waiting for Celonis support.

Get started with the Celonis Duplicate Checker App

You can learn more about the Celonis Duplicate Checker App for Accounts Payable through our Why Your Existing AP Duplicate Checker Solution Isn't Enough video and Celonis Academy course.

Celonis customers can also reach out to their account team for assistance implementing the Duplicate Checker App.

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Paige Andrews
Product Marketing Manager

Paige Andrews is a product marketing manager at Celonis, driving the go-to-market strategy and positioning of Celonis’ Procurement and Accounts Payable solutions.

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