On-Demand Webinar Series

CeloConnect: Deep Dive Webinar Series

Co-marketing made simple. 

Revisit all the sessions in which our experts cover in detail how to co-market Celonis, with the processes, tools, and resources available for you and unlock new value for your customers.

Celonis for Consulting Hero

Webinars on-demand

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Partner Success Stories

Do you have 30 minutes to learn about Partner Success Stories? 

On November 22nd, we hosted the first CeloConnect webinar of our series - Partner Success Stories, where we learned how to create compelling Partner Success Stories. We shared insights about their importance, topics of interest and how to measure success and processes.


  • General intro to success stories - why are they important 

  • Content we are looking for in success stories 

  • Key metrics & channels

  • Success stories process 

  • Q&A

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How to Run a Webinar with Celonis

Unlock the full potential of your webinars with Celonis!

On February 8, 2024 we hosted the second CeloConnect webinar - How to run a webinar with Celonis, where we gave some insights into running webinars with us, best practices and more. 


  • General intro to webinars - why are they important?

  • Webinar Journey with Celonis

  • Successful webinars

  • Best practices

  • Q&A

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