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Celonis EMS
Intro to Celonis
Weekly on Wednesdays
Celonis provides companies with a completely objective, data-driven, live picture of what their processes actually look like. This AI-driven technology makes this possible by collecting and analyzing a combination of business data โ€” time-stamped event logs โ€” and user interaction data.
OM Control Center
Opportunity Management
Discover how the Celonis for Opportunity Management Execution App augments your sales execution capacity by analyzing process-related data in real time, identifying process execution gaps, and taking action to close them.
CM Control Center
Accounts Receivable
Discover how the Collections Management AR Execution App accelerates cash flow while reducing costs by leveraging your data to make every customer interaction more valuable.
AP Control Center
Accounts Payable
Discover Celonisโ€™ Accounts Payable Operational App and optimize your processes to drive the outcomes you need.

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