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Get a demo to learn how Celonis gives you complete visibility over your processes, identifying inefficiencies and recommending intelligent, automated action to resolve them.

Introduction to Process Mining
Weekly Live Demo: X-Ray Wednesday
We’ve boiled down the basics of process mining to just 20 minutes: what it is, how it works, and how to get started.

Celonis provides companies with a completely objective, data-driven, live picture of what their processes actually look like. This AI-driven technology makes this possible by collecting and analyzing a combination of business data — time-stamped event logs — and user interaction data.

Demo gallery - homepage
Celonis Demo Gallery
Self Guided
Interactive process mining and Celonis platform demos for Procurement, Accounts Payable, Order Management, and more.
OM Control Center
Opportunity Management
Discover how the Celonis for Opportunity Management App augments your sales capacity by analyzing process-related data in real time, identifying process gaps, and taking action to close them.
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