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Celonis is launching the global Game Changer Awards!

1 Global Winner / 2 Runners Up in each of 3 categories

Be in the running to win 5K USD for your charity of choice!

Global Game Changer Awards

Has your company got what it takes to be recognised as one of our first Global Game Changers? 

Celonis is scanning the globe for customers who have truly changed the game, delivering extraordinary impact to their employees, customers and communities. How? By using Celonis in creative and innovative ways, and demonstrating excellence and momentum in scaling and driving value.

Think your company has what it takes to win?


Award Categories

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(open for submissions)

An award for customers who show creativity and pioneering vision in how they apply Celonis to business challenges.

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(open for submissions)

An award for customers who create huge momentum and engagement, have achieved impressive scale, and who are delivering true impact.

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Community Inspiration

(not open for submissions)

An award for customers who generously share their stories and best practices to inspire & motivate their peers.

How to apply?

Tell us your story! Use our simple, data-protected form to send us your company’s awards pitch. All questions contained in the form are listed in our Submissions Guidelines. You can send us supporting materials e.g. presentations, video files/links via email (optional). The nomination period for the 2023 Global Game Changer Awards runs until 6th October 2023. Winners and finalists will be announced live at Celosphere in Munich, 14th November 2023.

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Meet our Selection Committee


Eugenio Cassiano

SVP, Strat./Innovation, Head of Celonis Labs Eugenio is an innovative and dynamic leader who stands at the forefront of Celonis's visionary advancements. As the driving force behind the company's innovation, his primary goal is to shape the product strategy and tackle both existing and emerging challenges. Utilizing Celonis as an innovation platform, Eugenio is dedicated to propelling new business models and paving the way for a brighter future.

Gunther Rameseder

Gunther Rameseder

SVP Global Head of Value Engineering Gunther is passionate about supporting customers across their entire Celonis journey and truly stands by the motto: “We live for customer value”. He and his global team partner with customers across many industries and  look at diverse use cases to design transformational journeys that deliver impact to our customers, their customers, their employees, and the communities in which they live.


Lars Reinkemeyer

Head of Customer Transformation Lars is our resident expert & evangelist for Organisational Transformation, and advises customers across all industries on operating models and best practices for achieving internal momentum and fast path to value with Celonis. He believes that when you match highly purposeful, engaged and talented teams with our innovative Celonis platform, that’s when the magic truly happens!

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