Webinar On-Demand

Introduction to Process Mining for Consumer Goods

See how Celonis delivers process improvements for consumer packaged good companies, specifically as it relates to order management and other areas of your business. 

We’ve boiled down the basics of process mining for CPG to just 20 minutes: what it is, how it works, and a recommended starting point. 

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What you will discover

Boost customer experience while reducing costs with Celonis Order Management solutions by gaining full visibility across all your orders, intelligently prioritizing and handling orders and streamlining execution through automation.

In this session, you’ll learn how CPG companies are leveraging Celonis to:

  • Ensure on-time deliveries
  • Reduce manual work with touchless orders
  • Find and remove delivery, credit and billing blocks
  • Minimize cancellations and returns
  • Automatically surface old unbilled orders to accelerate invoicing


Lindsey Peters Photo
Lindsey Peters
Global Retail and Consumer Goods Industry Lead
nick willis headshot
Nick Willis
Key Account Executive
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