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Partnering for limitless value creation. The future of consulting is here. View one of the available webinars on-demand to learn how Celonis for Consulting can help you unlock new value for your clients.

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Webinars on-demand

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The next generation of consulting

The future of consulting is here. Join Gene Reznik (Senior Vice President - Ecosystem & Industries) and Rachel Skelly (Global Lead, Ecosystem Programs) to learn how Celonis is digitally transforming consulting, enabling consultants to accelerate value and differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market.  


  • Why process mining is relevant to your consulting practice

  • Intro to the Celonis for Consulting (C4C) program

  • How you can leverage C4C to quickly identify value realization opportunities for your clients along with a clear path to achieve them

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How to apply Celonis for Consulting (C4C) to your consulting practice

In our next webinar, Gene Reznik and Rachel Skelly will highlight the latest innovations in the game-changing Celonis for Consulting (C4C) program and provide an overview of how to leverage Celonis for Consulting to accelerate value for your clients.  


  • Get the essentials on Celonis for Consulting – what it is, who it’s for, and what it delivers 

  • Take inspiration and learnings from a real-world Celonis for Consulting success story

  • Learn what Celonis for Consulting can do for you – including rapid value realization opportunities for you and your clients 

  • How to get started with your first Celonis for Consulting project


Gene Reznik- Black and White
Gene Reznik
VP Ecosystem & Industries
Rachel Skelly
Rachel Skelly
Global Lead Ecosystem Programs

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