On-Demand Webinar

Making the Business Case for Process Mining in Finance

Quantify how much you stand to gain by revealing and capturing the value opportunities in your Finance processes.

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Ready to start building the case?

Moving the needle on your finance objectives is no simple task - and while most companies run strategically important transformation initiatives to achieve long-term change, these fail to deliver the needed quarter-on-quarter results your department is looking for.

The good news? Celonis can help you uncover value opportunities hiding in your processes right now, without disrupting the systems you already use. So you can deliver real value, fast.

Watch our webinar where we’ll map out the key value drivers to make the business case to get started with process mining. We’ll provide examples from customers who have found and delivered measurable in-quarter results.

Discover the value levers like:

  1. Improving cash flow by optimizing payments and collections
  2. Reducing costs by identifying and quantifying the impact of excess spend and bad debts
  3. Accelerating productivity by reducing cycle times


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Adrian Hollander
Product Marketing Manager
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