Supply Chain demo series library

Catch up on what you’ve missed. Check out our library of past sessions, all now available on demand.

Optimize Inventory with Smart Material Allocation

Explore how Celonis’ contextualized approach to material allocation — driven by the power of Process Intelligence — addresses common challenges like excess inventory, stockouts, reduced efficiency, and higher costs, helping you find new opportunities for value within your supply chain and manufacturing processes.

Meet the Celonis End-to-End Leads Times App

Knowing the true time it takes to create goods and get them to customers enables you to identify ways to reduce working capital, exceed service levels, and feel confident you can rise to the challenge even when unexpected disruptions occur. Learn how you can get complete Supply Chain visibility with Celonis’ End-to-End Lead Times App.

Improve Supply Chain Planning with Master Data Improvement

Supply chain planning parameters are key to meeting service levels and optimizing working capital, but the pace of today’s consumption and replenishment patterns makes it challenging to keep them up to date, leading to stockouts and excess inventory. Discover ways to seamlessly maintain these parameters and improve supply chain planning with Celonis’ Master Data Improvement app.

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