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Becker’s Hospital Review: Next-gen healthcare technology

Powering process improvement + cost savings.

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The next-gen technology powering process improvement + cost savings

Creating a more efficient healthcare organization sounds daunting, but with the right process intelligence, you can come out on the other side with full visibility to your organization’s operations and processes, the confidence to pivot and make changes quickly to those processes and even see a return on investment in as few as four months.

In this webinar, Celonis discusses current pressures the healthcare industry is facing and how organizations can use next-generation technology — process mining and execution management — to identify and resolve operational inefficiencies at scale. The session covers:

  • Reducing administrative spend and fulfilling leadership mandates
  • Resolving staffing constraints and high attrition rates
  • Delivering significant patient rating improvements


Ryan Katz
Ryan Katz
Solutions Engineer, Healthcare
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