Webinar | Tuesday 23 April 2024 | 11-12 am (EST)

Combining Celonis Process Mining with IBMs GenAI for Enhanced Business Performance - NAM

Join us on April 23, 2024 and be a part of our NAM online webinar - Combining Celonis Process Mining with IBM GenAI for Enhanced Business Performance

Celonis x IBM Hero

Combining Celonis Process Mining with IBMs GenAI for Enhanced Business Performance

In today’s modern business landscape, companies are constantly striving to leverage their data to enhance efficiency and fuel expansion. However, a significant portion of this data, known as unstructured data, often goes untapped due to its complexity.

Join us on April 23 as we delve into the fusion of Process Mining Technology and Generative AI, aiming to unlock the potential hidden within unstructured data for business optimization and informed decision-making.

By the end of this event, you’ll gain insights into the synergies between Celonis’ Process Mining Technology and IBM’s Generative AI, empowering you to recognize applicable scenarios within your own organization.


  • Introduction: Exploring Generative AI and its role with unstructured data in companies
  • Live Demo: Process Mining and Gen AI in action
  • Use Case: Real-world examples showcasing the transformative power of this combined technology
  • Q&A: Engage with experts to delve deeper into the subject matter


Lamberth, Gavin (IBM)
Gavin Lamberth
Managing Consultant
Neel Patel
Sr. Ecosystem Activation Solution Manager
Holt, Clifford (Celonis)
Clifford Holt
Strategic Partner Director
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