On-Demand Webinar

Process Management and Modelling with Celonis

Discover how the combination of process mining and business process management (BPM) enables process improvement with a unique mine-first, model-second approach, unlocks AI in process design, and facilitates process and system transformation.

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Mining and modelling in one

Process optimization redefined: Celonis’ acquisition of Symbio is a major step in providing organizations with more comprehensive process intelligence. Symbio extends the Celonis platform by combining process mining with business process management capabilities.

Join our webinar to learn how you can enhance your digital twin to capture the entire organization with its process and system landscape, customer touchpoints and all associated contextual information in addition to your end-to-end processes. Model target processes with the help of AI and simply roll out process changes to all employees.

What’s in store for you

  • Vision
  • Product intro
  • Process Improvement lifecycle
  • Demo
  • Use Cases
  • Customer examples
  • Roadmap
  • Q&A

See how process and system transformations are thought through to the end! And in closing, we look forward to your questions during the Q&A.


John Reinhold
John Reinhold
Principal Value Engineer
Headshot Tom-Thaler
Tom Thaler
Principal Product Manager
Oliver Zeller
Oliver Zeller
General Manager BPM
Alexandra Chrys
Alexandra Chrys
Lead Value Engineer
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