Celonis Study Guide: Best Places to Study if you want to learn about Process Mining and EMS

Today, in 2021, Process Mining and the EMS job market have exploded. We expect over 1M jobs in the EMS industry in the next years to come. Celonis is dedicated to providing education and training to students seeking a career in the field!

Formally taught at over 500 universities across 40+ countries, there has never been a better time to study one of the fastest growing STEM disciplines in the world. From guest lectures, to case competitions, to global masterclasses, to graduation projects and beyond, the continual and exponential growth of Process Mining in higher ed validates what Celonis has long known to be true: the future of work relies on those entering the job market to bring with them the skillset of Process Mining and execution management. And with hundreds of thousands of job openings across the globe in the EMS sector, the question has shifted from “Should I educate myself on Process Mining?” to “How can I leverage my knowledge and studies of Process Mining to advance my career ambitions?”

This is now the most common question we receive nearly daily- across countries and time zones and majors and classes. As Process Mining has entered the forefront in universities all over the world, we now have the privilege to share with students not just how to train themselves in Process Mining, but where the global academic leaders lie. With that, this year we have the privilege of holistically evaluating our 500+ universities and shortlisting the top 14 schools in the world for Process Mining. Based upon education, curriculum, research/ innovation, and community/industry engagement, each institute leads the rankings for Process Mining education and training. Check out our list of the top places to study Process Mining below:

University of St. Gallen


University of St. Gallen (Switzerland):Recognized by The Financial Times as one of Europe’s top business schools, St. Gallen has also asserted itself as a top research and education institution for Process Mining. Consistently producing research publications and student thesis projects in the field, St. Gallen is a Process Mining powerhouse. Students can expect to attend yearly lectures and events for Process Mining within the Master of Business Innovation curriculum, along with within the information systems departments. Keep an eye out for the new publication from Jan Marco Leimeister, “Einfühlung in die Wirtschaftsinformatik”, which will include the integration of Process Mining in its teachings. St. Gallen will also be opening its own Celonis@HSG lab to reach more global students interested in pursuing Process Mining at St. Gallen.

Symbiosis Center of Information Technology


Symbiosis Center of Information Technology (India): The Symbiosis Center for Information Technology, or SCIT for short, has long been one of the most sought after learning destinations for Data Science and Analytics Management in India and the world. Students who study at SCIT can expect to undergo a rigorous curriculum, including participation in masterclasses, guest lectures from industry professionals, and even a Process Mining-centric capstone project to graduate. Students who graduate from SCIT, particularly in their MBA in Information Technology Business Management, go on to become global industry leaders in the Process Mining space.

William and Mary

William And Mary

The College of William and Mary (United States): Known in the United States as the second oldest university in the nation only behind Harvard, William and Mary has long been awarded as one of the most academically prestigious schools in America. But beyond this, the Virginia- based institution has established itself as leading Process Mining educator, particularly in it’s Masters in Business Analytics disciplines. William and Mary leads a yearly cohort of students who will complete a graduation capstone project that solves a business problem using Process Mining. This year, students across undergraduate and graduate disciplines will attend their largest event of the year, tech day, which spotlights Process Mining, Celonis Speakers, and its financial and supply chain applications.

RWTH Aachen Library


RWTH Aachen (Germany): Home of the “Godfather of Process Mining” Prof. Wil van der Aalst, RWTH Aachen needs no introduction to Process Mining enthusiasts. Next to teaching Process Mining in introductory and advanced courses, Professor Wil.v.d.Aalst, in his role as Chief Scientist at Celonis, aims to strengthen academic-industrial cooperation and shorten the time to transfer research into widely-used industry-strength software. RWTH Aachen has long been at the forefront for research, education, and community for Process Mining and execution management. This university and its faculty continue to push the boundaries of innovation and global adoption of the field right from within its campus walls. Even for students not enrolled in University here, be sure to check out the new online Process Mining introductory courses by Prof. van der Aalst and learn more about his role of pushing innovation within Celonis here.

Hochschule Pforzheim


Hochschule Pforzheim (Germany): From Engineering, to Business & Law, to even the Design School Hochschule Pforzheim has fully embedded Process Mining curriculum across its vast and robust academic landscape. Educating over 300 students annually across bachelors and masters disciplines, Pforzheim caters to students from all backgrounds. Critically, you can find students and faculty here employing a hands-on approach with their students and faculty, studying the practical real-world applications of Process Mining to problem solving.

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University (United States): Located in the heart of the United States Midwest, Central Michigan leads the nation in producing top talent in the information systems and business disciplines. With some of the US’s oldest companies’ headquarters situated within a 50-mile radius of Central Michigan’s campus, CMU has invested heavily in upskilling their graduates with the Process Mining skillset, to enable students to be day-1 changemakers at some of the world’s largest companies. Whether you plan to enroll in business, information systems, or photojournalism, you will have the opportunity here to earn Process Mining professional certifications on campus or compete in one of the upcoming datathons that feature Process Mining challenges.

International University of La Rioja (UNIR)


International University of La Rioja (UNIR) (Global): Process Mining has exploded globally, and experienced exponential growth particularly in the Spanish-speaking markets. UNIR, a global online university, has led the way in educating Spanish-speaking students on Process Mining, all across the globe. UNIR teaches Process Mining as a key technology for their 450+ students within their Masters in Strategic Process Management and their Masters in Business Process Management. Students can enroll also enroll in Celonis Process Mining professional certifications as a part of their curriculum, to add to their credentials upon graduation. Additionally, students are offered the opportunity to complete their thesis specializing in Process Mining applications in their local community and beyond.

LSE Campus


London School of Economics (United Kingdom): London School of Economics leads the world university rankings in nearly every subject it teaches in the heart of the United Kingdom. But critically, it also leads the UK and Ireland in Process Mining education and global networking. LSE hosts recurring Process Mining masterclasses open to students from across disciplines, allowing their graduate and undergraduate students to further their pm studies beyond their major. Providing Process Mining as a core extracurricular program for students outside traditional data science environments, LSE has opened the door not just to the whole school, but to Process Mining education for the community and beyond. It plans in the next year to fully integrate Process Mining education and courses into the London School of Economics Data Science Institute, which administrators, researchers, and students can convene to push out innovation, curriculum, and beyond.

Brigham Young University


Brigham Young University (United States): Nestled within the Rocky Mountains, Brigham Young University prides itself as one of the top universities in the world for accounting and audit education. As it sits at the intersection of accounting and Process Mining education, BYU has spearheaded a massive education and certification in accounting and audit for Process Mining. At the forefront of this push, has been the completion and publication of a new BYU-led Process Mining for Audit Professional certificate for individuals to enroll in. On campus, BYU has already embedded Process Mining into 2 of its largest courses and will be hosting an annual school-wide competition to see who can become the most #celonis-certified in an academic year.

NOVA IMS campus


NOVA IMS Information Management School (Portugal): If you are looking for one of the most robust curriculums in Process Mining management, NOVA Information Management School is the place for you. Located in the beautiful city of Lisbon, NOVA IMS has fully integrated Process Mining education across 5 different business process management courses as a mandatory part of the curriculum. Beyond the classroom, NOVA IMS has consistently produced world-class research projects in the field of Process Mining. One, for example, was accepted at the 2021 Conference of the Portuguese Chapter of the Association for Information Systems (PTAIS). Furthermore, NOVA IMS boasts a robust pipeline of Process Mining students who later go into the Process Mining industry as a career- at Celonis and beyond.



Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands): Fontys University of Applied Sciences holds a dear distinction, as one of the oldest and most involved academic partners of Celonis and Process Mining since its inception. Beginning as an early adopter of a “new field’ of STEM, Fontys has grown to make Process Mining a cornerstone in its education and professional training of its students. Fontys has created an entire Process Mining curriculum around the Celonis Execution Management system and has played a pivotal role in growing the community of Process Mining education, from the Netherlands to across the globe. You can also find Fontys collaborating closely with other Process Mining hubs, such as Avans University, also on this list.

Arizona State


Arizona State University (United States): Arizona State boasts of its beautiful weather, campus views, and one of the largest business schools in the United States. With over 20 undergraduate degree options in the business school alone, none compares to the rigor and all-encompassing department of Accountancy. Championed by Prof. Greg Dawson, Arizona State has led the Southwest United States in adopting Process Mining training and case study applications across hundreds of students yearly. Entrenching Process Mining skills learning across enterprise process analysis, project management, database concepts, and the principals of accounting, there is truly something for everyone across the Process Mining enthusiast or student landscape.

Avans University


Avans University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands): As one of the largest schools of applied sciences in the Netherlands, Avans is particularly renowned for its education of future financial professionals. Critically, Avans believes that understanding Process Mining and the value of its use cases is essential for students how will be entering the Finance & Control sector after graduation. Employing a blended learned format of online and use case studies in classroom, more than 300 students have become fully trained in Process Mining and finance. Outside its traditional classroom applications, Avans is particularly committed to growing out its case studies in sustainability and explore research topics such as how Process Mining can aid in the creation of a more circular and equitable economy. This university is a great fit for the student looking to take their financial and economics education to the next level.

NOVA SBE campus


NOVA SBE School of Business and Economics (Portugal): The Nova School of Business and Economics boasts 11 faculty trained and affiliated with Process Mining education. Students flock to NOVA SBE from across Europe and the world to engage not just in Process Mining education, but to collaborate with faculty and researchers on creative research. Some of the seminal projects NOVA SBE has tackled include human-machine decision making systems at IEFP and Examining Big Data for a more sustainable Tourism Management. In 2021-2022, NOVA SBE has big plans to dedicate resources directly towards in-depth projects which employ the use of Process Mining to solve real world problems from commercial affiliates and beyond.

Whether you are looking to advance your pre-existing knowledge in the field, push the boundaries of research or simply enroll in an ad-hoc course, each of these international leaders offers unique opportunities and mentorship for students and researchers. As the Process Mining academic community continues to explode, we look forward to adding more and more names to the list of global leading Process Mining and EMS institutions from our network of 500+ schools.

If you are interested in learning more about the Celonis Global Centers of Excellence and how to apply for accreditation, click here.

Together with the Academic Centres of Excellence we are all on a joint mission of Education tomorrow’s EMS leaders!

And of course, happy Process Mining.

Angela-Sophia Gebert
Angela-Sophia Gebert
Academic Alliance Manager
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