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Celonis Academy Learner Spotlight: Joren Kamerling was drawn to process mining by a passion for facts and data

Throughout his education and professional career, Joren Kamerling has been drawn to making an impact though quantitative analysis and data-driven technology.

“I’ve always wanted to do work where I can make an impact based on facts and data,” he told me. “That’s why I really like process mining. It shows you how things are, not how you believe them to be. And knowing how your processes actually work is the only way to fix and improve them.”

Kamerling is a Management Consultant with Quint, an international consulting, training and technology company that’s part of the Eraneos Group. He spends his day helping clients manage their IT sourcing, implementing process mining projects and building Quint’s process mining consultancy. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Quint became a Celonis implementation partner in 2021.

Celonis Academy Learner Spotlight: Joren Kamerling, Management Consultant at Quint

Joren Kamerling, Management Consultant at Quint and certified Celonis Academy Learner

I spoke with Kamerling recently and asked him about his current role, how got interested in process mining and execution management and his learning experience with Celonis Academy. We also talked a bit of football…Joren usually plays as an attacking midfielder.

Tell me about your professional journey, how did you get where you are?

Joren Kamerling: I studied international business at university. I earned a BSc in International Business from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and double Master’s degrees in International Business and Management from the University of Groningen and Managing Multinationals from Uppsala University in Sweden.

After university, I worked as a process analyst for a company that specializes in the door-to-door delivery of leaflets and brochures. I then joined Quint as a management consultant and started working with process mining right away, helping our clients understand everything Celonis has to offer.

How did you get interested in process mining and execution management?

Kamerling: When I first joined Quint, they were just starting out with Celonis and process mining. I was asked to join the team, saw the technology’s potential and said yes. Process mining and execution management were technologies that would let me explore, innovate and make a real difference for the team and our clients.

What do you like most about Celonis Academy?

Kamerling: I really like how Celonis Academy combines theory, testing and practice. Most courses start with some theory, a few pages, not too much, on how things should work. Then, there’s a short quiz to test your knowledge of the material. And finally the course takes you to a training environment where you can actually put that theory in practice. You can build actual KPIs, calculate throughput times, or can play with the process explorers. It’s a really nice circle to have.

How would you describe Celonis Academy?

Kamerling: Theory, practice, improvement. And you can interpret practice in two ways. Practice as to practice, to get better at something, and put into practice, to use what you’ve learned.

Which course(s) would you recommend to other Celonis learners?

Kamerling: The short answer is Business Value Architect. It’s a great introduction to Celonis and EMS on every level. The longer answer would be, do Value Assessment Expert and then specialize into the training tracks and courses that fit your role, such as system architect, data engineer, project lead or subject matter expert. Starting with VAE is a good middle ground.

Author's note: The Business Value Architect badge now maps mostly closely to the Value Realization Expert badge.

Celonis Academy Learner Spotlight Joren Kamerling - Badges

Joren Kamerling has earned multiple Celonis Academy certifications, including advanced Masterclass certs in both Post-Sales and Pre-Sales.

What are some of your hobbies?

Joren Kamerling: I go to the gym. I play football, as in soccer, two or three times a week. I usually go for attacking midfielder or right-winger. And, I like to go out with friends, when the weather is great, like today.

Celonis Academy Learner Spotlight

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