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Uplevel Your Customer Experience with the Open Order Processing App

It takes a village to process an order, with work across multiple departments - from order management to finance to logistics. Throughout the order management process, there are often hiccups that fly under the radar, such as a missing order price or delayed shipments due to delivery blocks. These inefficiencies are hidden behind the complex and busy order management day-to-days and can go unnoticed until they negatively impact productivity and customer satisfaction

Meet the Open Order Processing app for order management. The app helps order management teams operate with a 360° view for all open orders, prioritize critical orders at risk and suggest next best actions to resolve inefficiencies in real time, so you can prevent delivery delays and boost productivity simultaneously. 

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How does the app enable seamless order processing?

Using the Open Order Processing app, order management teams can:

  • Operate with a real-time order backlog

First, the app provides full visibility across all open orders from your systems and Excel in real time so you can have all the information you need to run the team. This has been very helpful for customers with multiple ERP instances or different systems such as CRMs. Some operate in different teams with different systems, and the teams had to work in silos. With the Open Order Processing app, everyone works with one view across functions.

  • Resolve pressing open issues 

From there, the app addresses open orders that need attention in 3 categories: orders that are blocked, delayed or missing order information. Then, it helps resolve critical open issues by prioritizing inefficiencies during order processing and driving targeted actions to remove roadblocks. These actions can be removing a delivery block, notifying customers about updates, or requesting an invoice from customers.

Through our decade of experience, we understand the most persistent and impactful inefficiencies that may hinder performance and how to fix them. With the Open Order Processing app, order management teams can focus on what’s important and what’s within control so you can deliver to customers as fast as possible.

  • Accelerate productivity

Finally, the app not only recommends prescriptive actions to fix inefficiencies quickly, but also includes team and task management functionalities to help teams be more agile and efficient. Team leads may need to message, email or use spreadsheets to assign workload, which could be manual and cumbersome - we have built capabilities exactly for that. This feature helps team leads monitor tasks and assign or reassign orders to team members to allocate workload effectively, so every team member can take actions at the right time.

How does the app help order management teams?

The Open Order Processing app is designed for 2 types of users with dedicated views to easily manage work specific to their roles: 

  • Customer service lead

Customer service leads need to ensure all orders are processed as swiftly as possible and arrive on-time at the customers. The app empowers team leads to run with an overview of the business, understand what the team is currently working on, and most importantly - where they need to get involved. For example, team leads can identify delayed orders due to missing price information and escalate to reps to urgently fix the issue so the orders can be shipped.

Team Lead View in the Open Order Processing app.
  • Customer service representative

We enable customer service reps to intelligently act on their orders across systems to fix inefficiencies through either automation or manual interventions. Moreover, they can easily manage their orders, such as removing order blocks and emailing updates to customers and colleagues all in one application. This saves significant time and effort by eliminating the need to log into ERPs or email other teams.

For the Open Order Processing app.

These powerful features enable timely and effortless operations for order management teams. And this is why companies like Rational turn to the Open Order Processing app to supercharge their operations. Rational, a German manufacturer for cooking appliances, achieved stellar results such as 30% improvement in first-time-right order rate and 40% faster in processing blocked orders.

“The Order Management Execution App offers everything we need for our daily work and we do not need to sign into our transaction systems anymore.” Said Martina Biegler, Director of Global Customer Operations. You can read more about how Rational significantly improved customer experience with the app here.

Take your customer experience to the next level with the Open Order Processing app

You can learn more about the Open Order Processing app through the free resources from Celonis Academy.

The Open Order Processing App training course shows you how the app operates, teaches you how to navigate the app, and explains how it can be used to surface and resolve inefficiencies in daily order processing. The course is designed to be completed in about 20 minutes, but you can pause and come back to the course as your schedule allows.

Celonis Academy Open Order Processing App course screenshot

Once you've learned the basics, you can continue your learning with the Set Up Your Open Order Processing App course. After completing this hour-long, detailed training course, you'll be able to set up the app, apply customizations on filters, views, KPIs and tasks, create and adjust inefficiencies within the app and how to find support when needed.

You can also see the app demonstrated in the Celonis Academy webinar, Take your CX to the next level with Open Order Processing. In this 45-minute video, a panel of three experts examine the order management challenges that keep today's organizations from delivering on-time in a cost-efficient way, show you how the app can help companies overcome these roadblocks and outline the Open Order Processing Customer Program.

Celonis customers can also reach out to their account team for assistance implementing the app.

Jennifer Ren
Jennifer Ren
Product Marketing Manager

Jennifer Ren is a product marketing manager at Celonis specializing in Order Management, supply chain and sustainability.

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