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Celonis brings the power of process mining and execution management to the masses with Business Miner™

Profound discoveries usually start with a question. Why does an apple fall from a tree? Are we alone in the universe? What is my Days Payable Outstanding? Okay. That last one may not have the same cosmological implications as the first two, but it’s no less important to the Accounts Payable manager trying to maximize their company’s working capital.

At the start of World Tour 2023 today, Celonis announced the General Availability (GA) of Business Miner™, a capability of their Execution Management System (EMS) that enables business professionals to find and fix broken processes using an easy-to-use question-and-answer-based interface.

The process mining and execution management software company debuted Business Miner as Limited Availability (LA) at Celosphere 2022, their annual user conference. Starting today, all customers with EMS Premium will have access to Business Miner explorations on the following use cases: Throughput Time, Meeting Deadlines, Unwanted Activities, and Automation Rate. For access to process-specific explorations, such as Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Order Management (OM) and Procurement, please reach out to your Celonis account executive.

“For years, Celonis has been working on our secret obsession - to launch our next game-changer - multi-dimensional process mining and a never before seen consumer experience that opens execution management to every single business user in the enterprise,” said Alex Rinke, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Celonis. “Celonis Process Sphere and Celonis Business Miner represent the start of a new era of enterprise systems that completely change the way our customers look at their own businesses and across their entire supply chain.”

Business Miner’s General Availability is one of several product announcements Celonis made at their first World Tour stop in Munich.

Democratizing process mining: Consumer-grade Q&A experience

Questions, be they scientific, business or deeply personal, are fundamental to how humans learn and grow. We’re always creating new tools to help us answer those questions. In centuries past, we built libraries of stone and printed catalogs on paper. Today, we build data lakes on silicon and create analytic software with code. We’ve built entire industries on helping people find answers to their questions. In fact, you likely found this article by entering a query into a search box on your favorite social media platform, web browser or search engine.

Business Miner is part of Celonis’ strategy to democratize process mining and execution management technology by building enterprise apps at consumer scale within a business operating system.

With Business Miner, Celonis brings an intuitive, Q&A-based user experience to Celonis EMS. According to the company, Business Miner enables anyone, including users with limited technical knowledge, to quickly and easily begin using EMS to discover and share actionable process insights across the enterprise.

Business Miner user interface

Uncovering process insights with Celonis EMS Business Miner Q&A-based user interface

“We see Celonis as a critical platform to drive business performance at HSBC,” said Alex Moro, Head of Process Re-engineering and Advanced Design at HSBC. “Removing the barrier to entry for non-technical users with Business Miner will help us better realize the value of Celonis EMS.”

What is Business Miner?

Business Miner is a question-and-answer-based experience within Celonis EMS that enables  business users to discover and share rich process insights. Three key features are included with Business Miner:

Question-and-answer-based exploration: A Q&A-based interface presents users with key questions related to a chosen business process, such as “What is the breakdown of payments in early, late, and on-time?” Business Miner then delivers a curated set of visuals that guide the user to key insights for specific KPIs and provides follow-up questions such as “What is the root-cause of my late payments?” or “How do I improve my On-time Payment rate?” With this question-based analysis functionality, users get actionable insights without needing to filter OLAP tables, write complex PQL code or wait for a process analyst.

Business Miner curated KPI visualizations and follow-up questions

Celonis EMS Business Miner curated KPI visualizations and follow-up questions

Insights Sharing and Collaboration: With a few clicks, users can capture an insight from the Business Miner interface and invite other users within the organization to view, collaborate on and discuss the insight directly within the Celonis EMS. The insights are contextual, secure, and connected to support the quality of collaboration.

Collaborating on process insights uncovered through Business Miner directly within Celonis EMS

Collaborating on process insights uncovered through Business Miner directly within Celonis EMS

Simplified, Guided Onboarding: With Business Miner, new Celonis EMS users are sent an invitation email, guiding them through a streamlined onboarding process and security authentication.

Get Business Miner training at Celonis Academy

Celonis Academy learners can access a Business Miner introduction course that covers the interface and its features.

Celonis Academy offers over 300 courses to help you learn the process mining, process management, and execution management skills that today’s employers are looking for…all online and all for free.

Updated March 23, 2023: This story was updated to reflect Business Miner moving from Limited Availability to General Availability.

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