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Celonis for Consulting: Introducing the new Celonis for Consulting Hub

Celonis for Consulting is the only program purpose-built for consulting firms to use process mining and execution management in their client engagements. Major consulting firms around the world are using Celonis for Consulting to win and deliver engagements with a new level of quality in an increasingly competitive market. 

The Celonis for Consulting Hub is a key enabler of this success as the project creation and management platform.


As such, we have applied our Celonis product principles to the next generation of the Celonis for Consulting Hub to more robustly support consultants across every step of their Celonis for Consulting journey, accelerating time to value through easier project execution.

1. Centralizes crucial information: All consultants will start with an overview of critical information and assets such as the Celonis for Consulting Handbook, links to Celonis training courses and webinars are now available within the Hub, so that you can have everything you need to start your Celonis for Consulting journey.

Celonis for Consulting Hub - Welcome screenshot

2. Enhanced project management capabilities and visibility: We’ve made it easier to identify if a project requires action and added the ability to act on these insights like extending the project expiration or adding APC in order to prevent project blockers. 

Celonis for Consulting Hub Projects screenshot

We’ve also added the ability to drill into a specific project to understand the particular elements a project used so that you can replicate them with your next Celonis for Consulting engagement.

Celonis for Consulting Hub Projects info screenshot

3. Automated project creation: Our project creation wizard outlines the definitions and abilities of C4C+ and C4C+ Execution so your consultants can choose the right project plan for their engagement and create new C4C+ projects instantly.

Celonis for Consulting Hub project plan screenshot

4. Adoption Analytics: Finally, we've added robust analytics so that you're relying on data, not word of mouth, to assess the adoption across service lines, with insight into the number of users registered and projects run so you can define the success of Celonis for Consulting across your organization. This transparency enables you to identify synergies within your organization and learn Celonis for Consulting best practices from different teams.

Celonis for Consulting Hub Analytics screenshot Sign up for Celonis for Consulting today!

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Alejandra Quinones, Product Marketing Manager at Celonis
Alejandra Quinones
Product Marketing Manager

Alejandra Quinones is a product marketing manager at Celonis, specializing in inventory management and CPG/Retail.

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