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Accelerate Customer Value Delivery with Celonis for Consulting +

As Chief Customer Officer of Celonis, overseeing our customer and partner operations, I am personally committed to the success of every customer, partner, and consultant that I encounter. It is a serious and consuming commitment, but it becomes easier when the underlying technology is powerful and consistent in delivering value.

Every time we start digging into our customers’ processes, within a very short time, Celonis finds millions in lost or wasted dollars. We want all consultancies to have the ability and confidence to make this same level of commitment to your clients. The opportunity is virtually unlimited. It is simply every process, in every organization, in ever industry in the world.

That is why we created our new program, Celonis for Consulting+ (C4C+). We are democratizing Process Mining and Execution Management and offering unlimited availability of the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) to every consultant and services practitioner worldwide.

Now, you too, will have the power to drive strategic transformations in the organizations that you support. Every business consultant in the world can now provide the full digital truth to their clients through any given service offering, program, or practice.

Our vision is that the Celonis EMS will sit on every consultant’s computer and will be as pervasive and essential as Excel.

“Celonis is taking a bold step with its new program for consultants, making it easier than ever for service providers to deliver innovation on top of the process data at the heart of every enterprise,” said Reetika Fleming, Vice President Research, HFS Research. “The move brings Celonis closer to the day-to-day practices of major consulting firms, while helping them differentiate themselves in the market.”

C4C+ is a massive opportunity for every consulting practice. As you start digitizing your services with the Celonis EMS, embedding process intelligence and data-driven automation into your service portfolio, you will gain the unique ability to:

  1. Deliver repeatable value to your clients.

  2. Create a competitive advantage and new revenue streams.

  3. Collaborate with clients providing them direct access to the Celonis EMS

Deliver repeatable value to your clients

As a consultant, you’re no stranger to the slow and painful old way of investigating client problems via process mapping. You may still be relying on sticky notes and drawn-out, subjective interviews to piece together process puzzles.

So, you create a flow chart of how the process is supposedly happening today with little visibility of what will happen tomorrow. It’s impossible to quantify your results and deriving the value of your recommendations is a guessing game. Moreover, effective process discovery products can be expensive and difficult to get started with –– until now.

With unlimited availability of the Celonis EMS, you can become a true strategic advisor for your client by giving accurate data-driven recommendations from day one. It will be easier and faster than ever to visualize and quantify the execution gaps limiting your client’s execution capacity. With C4C+, you will now be able to build repeatable, scalable solutions on top of the processes sitting at the heart of every enterprise.

Create a competitive advantage and new revenue streams

The Celonis EMS is changing the way businesses are managing their execution, in every industry. As a service company, becoming an early adopter of the technology and embracing a data-driven services approach will allow you to stand out from the competition, transform every project insight into long-term sustainable customer value, and create new revenue streams for your business.

C4C+ gives you the tools, templates, and guidance you need to have a fully enabled and supported journey for every consultant — from pitching, current state assessments, implementation, to continuous upselling and cross-selling. In addition, your team will have dedicated access to ongoing training, service desk, help pages, the Celopeers online community, partner portal and C4C+ project hub to oversee and manage the lifecycle of all projects.

Collaborate with clients providing them direct access

Celonis is already working with more than 1,400 consulting and services firms benefiting from Celonis for Consulting program, including the world’s leading services providers. With the new program, C4C+, all consulting and services providers will also be able to provide Celonis EMS access to their clients through a tiered pricing model.

C4C+ Execution grants your clients full access to the platform so they can see what’s happening in real-time alongside you. It helps transform project insights into long-term sustainable customer value. It enhances collaboration between you and the client, cementing your working relationship, and ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

The days of the archaic “project-to-project” delivery model are long gone. Now, you can drive true collaboration, transparency, and confidence by leveraging the Celonis EMS.

Register today to start accessing the power of the Celonis EMS for your own business.

Malhar Kamdar
Chief Customer Officer

Responsible for global customer success, services, support, and Celonis Academy

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