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Announcing Celonis World Tour 2021: Master Data-Driven Business Execution

There are two types of companies.

The ones who say they are data-driven. And the ones who really are. The ones who think they know how their business runs. And the ones who know they know. The ones who are falling behind. And the ones who figured out how to outrun them all.

We want to show you how to break out and become a data-driven business. We want to show you that the key to data-driven execution lies inside your business process data.

The Celonis World Tour 2021, the virtual roadshow for business execution, is your starting block.

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Making stops across North America, Europe, and Japan, we’re bringing the technology, best practices, and the skills needed to master data-driven business execution. Learn how industry-leading companies are unlocking the power of their process and execution data to:

  • Understand the full scope of their operational landscape

  • Unlock insights and recommendations from multi-system, multi-process environments

  • Harness all types of data to drive intelligence in day-to-day execution

  • Eliminate billions in inefficiencies

Join us at one of eight regional events from October 5 - 14. We’ve got sessions for every level of experience, delivered in your language, and led by your region’s top business execution leaders. So, are you ready to master data-driven execution and outrun them all?

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5 Reasons to Tune In

  1. Understand the key steps to data-driven execution. Hear from our founder and co-CEO, Alex Rinke, as he showcases our vision, strategy, and latest technology innovations to arm every company to transform the way businesses execute.

  2. Dive into product innovation. Gain hands-on experience with the Celonis EMS, including process and task mining capabilities, process automation with Action Flows, planning and simulation, and more.

  3. Learn from your peers. Hear tips and tricks for harnessing the power of your process data from Celonis customers who have unlocked millions of dollars in value.

  4. Connect with experts from our partner ecosystem. Hear best practices, strategies and examples on how to get started on your data-driven execution journey. 

  5. Get inspired by our surprise special guests. At past events, we’ve always brought along fun and special guests… wait ‘till you see who joins us onstage this year!

If you’ve attended one of our virtual events before, then you know we put on a show like no other. Live-streaming sessions. Interactive Q&A. Virtual networking. It’s all waiting for you at the World Tour!

Celonis World Tour 2021

Register now to join more than 12,000 business leaders tuning in from around the world, and take the next step on your journey to data-driven execution with the Celonis Execution Management System at the World Tour.

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DACH: Germany, Austria, Switzerland - October 5 (in German) North America: New York and San Francisco - October 6 and 7 (in English) Iberia & Latin America - October (in Spanish and Portuguese) Japan - October 12 (in Japanese) Europe North: BeNeLux & Nordics - Oct 12 (in English) UK & Ireland - Oct 13 (in English) France - Oct 14 (in French)

And if you’re a Celonis partner, don’t miss our Ecosystem Summit on September 21, where thousands of the top technology leaders and business consultants will gather to discuss execution management best practices.

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Dave Peterson


Dave Peterson is Chief Marketing Officer at Celonis, the global leader in Execution Management Systems,. Dave is the co-founder of category design firm Play Bigger and co-author of the best-selling book “Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets,” Prior to Play Bigger, Peterson served as chief marketing officer at Coverity (acquired by Synopsys), chief marketing officer of Aggregate Knowledge (acquired by Neustar), and vice president of marketing and communications at Mercury Interactive Corp. (acquired by HP Software), among other founding and marketing leadership roles.

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