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Celonis' Wil van der Aalst: Process mining will be 'new normal'

Celonis Chief Scientist Wil van der Aalst said process mining technologies are likely to become the new normal for large enterprises and then become more accessible to smaller companies.

Van der Aalst made the comments on Mary Jo Foley's Petri's MJFChat podcast. Foley, who has covered Microsoft for 30 years, is the co-host of the Windows Weekly show on the TWiT network and a long-time contributor to ZDNet.

"Process mining is becoming the new normal in larger organizations," said van der Aalst, who explained how the technology was originally focused on sales, procurement and accounts payable and accounts receivable and is expanding into other areas. "In the end, process mining won't be limited to larger organizations."

Foley had van der Aalst on her podcast for an overview of process mining and the market landscape. He covered the following topics:

  • How process mining is being extended into new areas and being added to existing applications.

  • The intersection of artificial intelligence and machine learning with process mining.

  • Microsoft's PowerBI and PowerAutomate and how they integrate with process mining. Celonis has a partnership with Microsoft.

  • Where process mining fits in the broader tech stack for enterprises.

  • Where people can learn more about process mining including his Celonis Academy course, Coursera and Processmining.org.

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