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Celonis World Tour 2023: Everything you need to know

Celonis World Tour 2023 wrapped up its 10 in-person events on June 28 with stops in Paris and Chicago. A virtual World Tour stop will be held on July 19, featuring a selection of content from the in-person events.

Thousands of attendees have heard from Celonis customers and partners about how they use process mining to find and capture value, improve customer satisfaction and increase company performance.

There are plenty of takeaways from the event, but the top of mind issues are navigating macroeconomic and enterprise challenges, finance transformation and supply chain. In addition, Celonis executives and product leaders showcase the latest process mining innovations, such as object-centric process mining and AI integrations using LLMs (large language models).

Here's a recap of news from the World Tour 2023 with key takeaways.

Celonis process mining innovations help change-makers become game-changers At World Tour 2023, Celonis showcased new product capabilities and process mining innovations, including a new Object-Centric Data Model and a more intuitive, open and intelligent platform.

Nationwide projects 218% ROI on process mining investment for internal audit Nationwide is using a next-generation internal audit model for its T&E process with Celonis process mining playing a key role.

How Wells Fargo boosted productivity and customer experience in a complex system landscape with Celonis What does it take to scale Celonis in a highly-complex system landscape? Wells Fargo knows and shared several insights and best practices at World Tour 2023.

VMware uncovered the hidden potential in their sales pipeline with process mining VMware suspected their sales conversion rate was falling when the time taken to move the opportunity through the sales process increased. Celonis process mining provided the data to prove their hypothesis, uncover the root causes and identify areas of improvement.

McKinsey: Process insights are key to next generation operational excellence Process insights helped one large bank identify $5M in value opportunities in just 6 weeks. Find out how.

Celonis Object-Centric Data Model: Single source of truth for process intelligence Celonis Object-Centric Data Model provides a single data representation of the entire business and a single source of truth for process intelligence.

Celonis brings process intelligence to every business user with LLM for PQL Generation Celonis LLM for PQL Generation makes process intelligence wizardry accessible to mere mortals at superhuman speeds.

Celonis brings the power of process mining and execution management to the masses with Business Miner™ (now in General Availability) Business Miner is a question-and-answer-based user experience within Celonis EMS that brings the power of process mining and execution management to every user in the enterprise.

Celonis enables a more agile and resilient supply chain with End-to-End Lead Times App The Celonis End-to-End Lead Times App provides supply chain transparency and enables customers to reveal and mitigate bottlenecks in the production, manufacturing and distribution of finished goods.

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