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How the Celonis Academic Community connects universities across the globe

What do Hochschule Pforzheim, a university in a small town in Germany, and Symbiosis Center of Information Technology (SCIT), a university in Pune, India, have in common? They were both named the Celonis Centers of Excellence (CoE) in the academic year 2021/22. 

Despite being thousands of miles away and not having any sort of connection to begin with, both these universities are integrating Process Mining into their curriculums. 

Here we’ll share why universities like these are making steps to partner with us and become Celonis Centers of Excellence, and explain how you can get involved. 

What are Celonis Centers of Excellence?

The Celonis Academic Centers of Excellence are global hubs for applied education, curriculum development, and research around Process Mining. The Celonis Academic Alliance provides accreditation to institutions that are academic lighthouses for Process Mining education and research. 

The Celonis CoE Journey 

Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences and SCIT are two of 15 Academic Centers of Excellence. Our ambition is to create a global network of academic lighthouses that share a vision to educate the future generation of Process Miners. SCIT and Pforzheim set an excellent example of how this vision can be shared and fostered at a global level.

The first-ever virtual meeting between the two institutions happened during the CoE (Centers of Excellence) kickoff party. Soon enough, they were exchanging ideas on how to collaborate.. In just one academic year, much has happened:. 

  • Students now have the chance to have a hands-on joint learning opportunity.

  • Students from both schools get to work in cross-school project groups on real life Process Mining case studies. 

  • Students get the chance to be part of a shared learning experience across continents, while learning about trend topics like ERP Customizing, Process Modeling and Process Mining with real-world case problems. 

In particular during the years of the pandemic this enhances the student experience on multiple levels, bringing together industry and academia as well as different academic and cultural backgrounds.  

Celonis Centers of Excellence are recognized  premier hubs that continue to advance Process Mining education. These two institutions do just that, and much more. Together with the Celonis Academic Alliance, they have created a cross-cultural relationship and experience for their students, exposing them to applied Process Mining and working with those from a totally different background. 

Our Center of Excellence Network is a facilitator for intercultural and interdisciplinary collaboration. You can learn more about the Academic Centers of Excellence here: Check out all of our current Academic Centres of Excellence in our study guide:

Angela-Sophia Gebert
Angela-Sophia Gebert
Academic Alliance Manager
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