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Process mining training: Celonis Partner Certification Exams available in multiple languages

Celonis Academy is now offering some of its most popular process mining and execution management system (EMS) training courses and Partner Certification Exams in multiple languages.

Celonis Academy offers over 300 free, online courses to help professionals and students learn the process mining, process management, and execution management skills that employers are looking for.

Beginning in August, Academy learners can access many of the institution’s free, online courses and Partner Certification Exams in Japanese, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese, as well as the original English. There are over 30 courses and 7 training tracks available for most languages, and more are being added.


Here are some of the courses, tracks and Partner Certification Exams available in local languages:

Welcome Kit: The Welcome Kit training track includes the Celonis Kickstarter and Ecosystem Kickstarter courses. Updated in June 2022, the Celonis Kickstarter introduces learners to Celonis and Celonis EMS. The Ecosystem Kickstarter covers the Celonis Partner Program, the Partner Enablement Program, Partner Portal, TryCelonis EMS demo platform and more.

Deliver Business Value: The Deliver Business Value training track contains four individual courses; Introducing the Path to Value, Frame Value, Realize Value: Execute Improvement Actions, and Sustain Value. The track is designed to help understand how to identify and quantify execution gaps, use Celonis to reveal the root causes of those gaps, quantify the business impact of fixing the gaps, develop an action plan for closing the gaps and monitoring the realized value and adoption, and communicating success.

Build Analysis - Basic: The Build Analyses - Basic training track contains 9 required courses and 1 elective course. During the track, the learner will get to see how to plan a user-centered analysis, create an analysis asset, create the first analysis sheet and publish it, configure analysis tables and charts with dimensions and KPIs, configure multiple types of KPIs, Confiture a Conformance Checker Sheet and more.

Review and Interpret Analysis: The Review and Interpret Analysis training track consists of 10 individual courses. The track is designed to teach learners how to interpret process visualizations and leverage analyses to identify process inefficiencies. Within the track's courses, learners will get to know Celonis Analysis, learn how to navigate to an Analysis and use Variant Explorer, Process Explorer, Case Explorer, Conformance Checker, Charts, Tables, Selection Views and more.

Go-To-Market Fundamental:The Go-To-Market Fundamentals training track is designed to help Partners better understand how to work with us to sell Celonis. During the track, learners will uncover the benefits of selling solutions with Celonis, learn how to build a strategy to generate new business with Celonis and find out how to use our enablement and support channels.

Celonis Ecosystem Kickstarter eng jpn welcome page

Celonis Academy Ecosystem Kickstarter getting started lesson in Japanese and English.

Identify and Drive Opportunities:The Identify and Drive Opportunities track will help Partners generate leads and convert them to opportunities. After completing the courses in this track, learners should be able to identify opportunities to position Celonis based on your unique Celonis value proposition, generate leads and outline a campaign along the customer, convert leads into opportunities by holding successful first conversations with customers, identify the best proof project methodology for the opportunity, and register and track opportunities in the Celonis Partner Portal.

Prove Celonis Value:With the Prove Celonis Value training track, Partners will discover how to win Celonis opportunities by proving the EMS value to your prospects. After completing the track, learners should be able to explain the Celonis Path to Value, identify the appropriate proof project methodology for a prospect, conduct successful Value Assessment and Proof-of-Value projects, handle common customer questions, frame value on Proof of Value and Value Assessment projects and to close deals by delivering a winning final business cases to executives.

In addition to the Celonis Academy courses and training tracks, the Partner Certification Exams for these tracks are also available in local languages. Eventually, all Partner Certification Exams will be available in multiple languages.

Celonis Academy local language support FAQ

How do I find courses and training tracks available in my language?

To find courses in your language:

  1. Navigate to the Celonis Academy Course Catalog

  2. Expand the “Language” option from the filter menu on the left of the screen. The number of available courses and tracks available in each language will be displayed.

  3. Click the desired language to see the localized materials.

How do I change the language for a course I am already enrolled in?

To change the language for a course you’re already taking:

  1. Open your Celonis Academy dashboard/main page

  2. Click “My Activity” to expand your list of courses, training tracks and certifications (completed and in-progress)

  3. Locate the course for which you wish to switch languages from the list

  4. Click the “Reschedule” link below the “Continue” button (Reschedule will only appear for translated courses.)

  5. Select the desired language front the “Enroll in a new session:” dropdown menu

  6. Click the “Reschedule” button

Note: You will need to restart the course from the beginning once you’ve selected a new language. See see this video for details.

How do I find out which certification exams are available in my language?

Currently only Celonis Partner Certification Exams are available in local languages. To see the exams available for each language:

  1. Navigate to the Celonis Academy Course Catalog

  2. Expand the “Language” option from the filter menu on the left of the screen.

  3. Click the desired language to see the localized materials.

  4. Expand the “Type” option from the filter menu on the left of the screen.

  5. Click “Exam” under the “Type” menu to further refine your search.

How do I change the language of my exam?

If your exam is available in another language, the instructional message will be available on the first page of the exam. To change the exam language:

  1. Click on the language selector at the bottom left

  2. Select the desired language

Will all courses, training tracks and exams be available in local languages?

Celonis Academy is working to provide additional learning and testing materials in local languages. If you would like to suggest a course or training track for translation, please reach out to them at academy@celonis.com

Updated February 28, 2023: Added additional training tracks that were made available in local languages since the article's original publication.

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