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Tech Mahindra recruits Celonis-certified graduates in India with real-world process mining experience

In a testament to the growing demand for process mining expertise, Tech Mahindra, a Celonis Technology Partner and a leading provider of digital transformation services, has hired 6 graduates who completed Celonis certifications while working on capstone projects at ITM University. These hirings highlight the valuable combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience gained through Celonis' academic programs.

Real-world skills for real-world opportunities

The 6 graduates participated in Celonis Academic Alliance programs offered at ITM University. ITM University was introduced to the Celonis Academic Alliance through AICTE Eduskills Virtual Internship Program. The program equips students with a solid foundation in process mining concepts, but what truly sets it apart is the capstone project. These projects allow students to apply their learnings to real-world business scenarios, fostering the practical skills highly sought after by employers.

"This collaboration between Celonis, ITM University, and Tech Mahindra is a perfect example of how academic institutions and businesses can work together to prepare students for successful careers in the digital age," said Daulat Sing, Pro Chancellor and Managing Director at ITM University.

Tech Mahindra recognizes the value of process mining learning

Tech Mahindra's decision to hire these Celonis-certified graduates with capstone project experience underscores the importance of combining theoretical knowledge with practical application. Process mining allows organizations to gain deep insights into their business processes, identify inefficiencies and optimize operations for improved performance. These graduates are well-equipped to contribute to such initiatives from day one.

"We are thrilled to see Celonis-certified graduates with capstone project experience landing coveted positions at Tech Mahindra," said Rahul Agarwal, Global head (BPS) - Pre Sales/Solution, Consulting and Digital Transformation at Tech Mahindra.

100+ students from ITM University participate in interviews for the opportunity to work on real-world process mining projects using Celonis Studio. 26 students were shortlisted and over the course of 8 weeks, these students worked on projects facilitated by Tech Mahindra, focusing on process mining within the order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay process utilizing the Celonis tool EMS. The analysis centered on crucial metrics such as overall revenue, order rejections, delivery status, and recommendations for process automation and optimization.

Academic Alliance India ITM graduation 2024

Promising future for process mining

The successful placement of these graduates signifies a promising future for process mining in India. As more organizations recognize the value of process mining, the demand for skilled professionals with practical experience will continue to grow. Celonis' academic programs, coupled with real-world project opportunities, position graduates for success in this thriving field.

Whether you’re curious about process mining and Process Intelligence, looking for educational materials, writing your thesis, or simply in need of technical support, the Celonis Academic Alliance is ready to assist your process mining journey in any way possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Academic Alliance community.

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