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Celosphere hands-on Academy training hits the mark for process mining pros

Before Celosphere 2023 officially took flight, hundreds of Celonis Ecosystem Partners and Academy learners packed Hanger 3 at Munich airport for an exclusive series of Day 0 events. The Ecosystem Summit, Celonis Academy Day and Process Earth Sprint, offered attendees a full day of presentations, hand-on training sessions and networking opportunities. I visited some of the Academy sessions and spoke with several attendees about their experiences.

Celosphere attendees appreciate hands-on, instructor-led Academy training

“[The session] is pretty self-engrossing, and it's because it is hands-on,” said Syed Farrukh Najam, intelligent automation data lead at Meta. “The trainer's amazing and pretty helpful. It's a new tool that Celonis is introducing, so I'm very excited about it.”

Daniela Schemmert, in-house consultant at Getinge, a medical technology company, also found the hands-on-sessions helpful. I caught up with her after an Academy session on Business Miner.

“This [session] was quite useful, a lot of information, and [it] gives [you the] possibility to ask questions,” she told me. Being able to do a “deep dive” on specific subjects with the trainer was very important to her.

“It's the possibility to work, to interact and to ask. So, this is really useful,” said Schemmert.

celosphere 2023 academy training adrian joas and learner

Adrian Joas, Team Lead Instructor-led Training at Celonis, delivering a hands-on training session at Celosphere 2023.

I also spoke with James French, Director of Commercial Processes, and George Anderson, Commercial Process Manager, both with Arm, after the Business Miner session.

“This is our first Celosphere,” French told me. “George and I are in the team who are implementing Celonis within ARM. We were getting support from the project team, but for us it was an opportunity to get here and do a little bit of something hands-on prior to then having two days at Celosphere to hear about all the wonderful stuff that's coming down the line.”

Anderson said he thought the sessions were “very good,” and liked that the material was accessible to “people with different levels of experience with celonis.”

“As a newbie who hadn't been looking more at the implementation of Celonis and moving towards the value engineering side of it, extracting value, it was good to get a little bit of hands-on experience and knowledge about how we actually get data out into Celonis,” he said.

Anderson’s colleague agreed.

“I think that's the important bit, as well, because not everyone in the room has the same background, same experience,” said French. “It's quite nice that it's sort of a level that feels right for everyone.”

French also appreciated the access to other Celonis team members.

“Having the product team here on hand, listening to customers, partners, and interacting with something they're about to launch and being very open and honest about where they are, that was a really nice touch,” he added.

Online Academy resources go hand-in-hand with hands-on training

Not only does Celonis Academy provide hands-on training at Celonis events like Celosphere, it offers hundreds of courses and thousands of hours of training to help you learn in-demand process mining skills…all online and all for free.

celosphere 2023 academy training syed farrukh hajam interview

Syed Farrukh Najam, intelligent automation data lead at Meta, speaks with Bill Detwiler at Celosphere 2023.

I asked Najam if he’d used any online Academy training resources before coming to Celosphere.

“The Academy videos are great to start off as a novice, somebody who's a beginner, because they show you exactly where to go,” he said. “Having a new tool, sometimes it's difficult to know what is where. But now that I've come across that bridge, I think my go-to resource is the talks or Celopeers.”

Celopeers in the Celonis online community, where people can get support, stay up to date on the latest product updates, and connect with their peers.

“I know that things are changing pretty fast, but the good thing is Celonis keeps updating it,” Najam said. “So every time I have a question, I go there. If I don't find an answer there, I call a peer.”

I also asked Schemmert if she had used Academy resources prior to attending the Celosphere Day 0 sessions. She said she had.

“They are great,” said Schemmert. “They offer a lot of possibilities and information.” But for her, there is no substitute for being in the room with an instructor and having the chance to interact and ask questions directly.

Both French and Anderson had used online Academy training resources as well, but both appreciated the hands-on nature of the Celosphere sessions.

“We're working with Celonis around building our Center of Excellence, getting people with the core skills, but there's only so much you can do with reading material and training courses,” said French. “For us, the value of sessions like this is getting hands-on and having people there.”

Celonis Academy: Leading the way in process mining education

For more information on Celonis Academy and the free, on-demand training courses and learning material available from Celonis, check out the following resources:

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