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Stumped by process mining? Go back to basics with “In the Process” – new video series

Why go back to (process mining) basics?  

As immersed as us Celonauts are in the world of process mining, we sometimes forget that process mining is a new concept for many. It can be tough to understand and even intimidating to get started with.

Time to change all that. Introducing: In the Process. It’s our brand new video series that will take you from “huh?” to “ohhh, ok!”

With four episodes, each coming in at around 6-8 minutes, In the Process provides a rundown of process mining basics — so you can start making your processes work for you. 

So what’s actually in "In the Process?"

We’re glad you asked! In the Process is split into four episodes that answer four of the most common questions we hear:

  • What is process mining?

  • How does process mining work?

  • Why does process mining matter?

  • How do I get started with process mining?

What’s covered in episode 1?

What is process mining’ sets you up with some of the fundamentals. It covers: 

  • How process mining came to be

  • Some basic process mining terminology and concepts

  • A handful of the most common ways businesses use process mining

Watch now to find out what a cup of tea and the Spice Girls have to do with process mining. 

What about episode 2?

How process mining works’ covers the nuts and bolts of, well, how process mining works. You’ll get insight on:

  • How to start ingesting the right data 

  • How process mining can create an end-to-end view of all of your processes (even across all departments and functions)

  • How businesses use process mining to analyze, benchmark, and improve process performance

Get to know what a happy process path is and why, sadly, many companies’ processes aren’t following one.

And in episode 3? 

Why process mining matters’ gives you a deep dive into actual use cases and the ways process mining boosts business results. You’ll hear about:

  • How process mining can improve the top, bottom, and green line

  • Using process mining to help with operational alignment

  • Why process mining improves the adoption and implementation of emerging technologies

Did you know one automotive company prevented $4.6M of duplicate payments by using process mining?

What about episode 4? 

In the series finale, you’ll learn all about how to actually get started with process mining in your business, including examples of and advice on:

  • Evaluating the scale of your process mining project

  • Figuring out your organization’s current process maturity

  • Selecting the right vendor and platform for your process mining needs

Remind me one more time how to watch In the Process

Watch all episodes by clicking here: In the Process.

If you’re eager for even more process mining knowledge STAT, read up on process mining basics on our website or download Process Mining for Dummies for free. You can also check out some customer stories, see our solutions, and explore our blog.

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Kelly Fritz is a Senior Content Creator at Celonis. When not writing, she spends way too much time searching for vintage dresses, underpriced houseplants on Facebook Marketplace, and ever-faster bike routes between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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