Sustainability Training Resources From Celonis: Get the Ingredients for a Successful Sustainability Transformation

Sustainability, supply chain transformation and inflation are no longer discreet, secondary business concerns, but interwoven, top-of-mind issues. Companies are operationalizing sustainability to comply with increasingly strict regulations, drive supply chain efficiency and generate real returns on investment. And inflation is helping to drive the sustainability push.

Yet, as Janina Nakladal, Global Head of Sustainability at Celonis, told me, companies are often held back by a failure to harness existing data and break up organizational silos, as well as a failure to analyze operational inefficiencies, emission hotspots and supply chain risks in real-time and in the economic context of business execution.

"The key is to transform operations in a fast, minimally disruptive way, focusing on processes that lie at the heart of sustainability strategies, and find initiatives to start with that have a positive effect on the top, bottom, and green line," Nakladal said. "This way, businesses can achieve better sustainability and business outcomes simultaneously."

To do so, Nakladal said businesses need to examine their supply chain and its underlying processes, as it reaches every part of an organization and is essential to achieving sustainability goals. This requires the right tools. Process mining enables businesses to optimize their processes, balance objectives and become more sustainable.

In September 2023, Celonis Academy in conjunction with our Sustainability team hosted Academy Sustainability Month, a month of virtual live events focused on managing sustainability transformation. These webcasts will equip participants with practical insights and strategic solutions for a greener future.

Celonis Academy On-Demand Sustainability Courses

Reduce Shipping Emissions with Celonis & Climatiq: Learn how the Shipping Emissions Reduction App calculates shipping emissions based on industry standards, simulates emissions impact for different modes of transport, and recommends actions for carbon-saving opportunities. Hear from the carbon experts at Climatiq about embedding sustainability in daily logistics operations.

Masterclass Fireside Sustainability Chat: Hear our graduates share their experience and sustainability innovation in the Masterclass training, and discover why you should also go through this advanced enablement to succeed in your projects.

Implementing Process mining and the Challenges of Sustainability: In this webcast, we will be taking a look at how Process Mining with Celonis can have an impact on sustainability efforts. Join Adrian Joas on a journey in which we can see exactly how we can use the power of Celonis to make the world greener!

Drive Sustainable Procurement with Celonis, EcoVadis, and IntegrityNext: Learn from our partners EcoVadis and IntegrityNext about ensuring optimal ESG performance of suppliers and driving spend towards sustainable suppliers.

Celonis Academy Online Sustainability Training

In addition to the Sustainability Month webcasts, Celonis Academy offers a variety of online sustainability training resources, which are all based on Celonis’s core value #EarthIsOurFuture. The material is available for free to customers, partners, Celonauts (what the company calls employees) and anyone who’s looking for ways to operationalize sustainability in their company.

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Celonis For Sustainability Transformation

The Celonis For Sustainability Transformation on-demand webinar provides an introduction to Celonis' sustainability approach, sustainability use cases and apps and how to get started with sustainability. The recording is just under 50 minutes long.

Sustainability Base Camp

The Sustainability Base Camp will teach learners how to integrate sustainability into your professional role. After completing this training track, learners should be able to:

  • Explain key sustainability concepts and global challenges

  • Describe the three dimensions of sustainable development

  • Explain the main drivers of Climate Change

  • Identify corporate climate strategies to limit global warming

  • Determine key threats towards an equal society

  • Identify approaches to measure the progress of human development

  • Explain the relevance of sustainability in a corporate context and how to assess business sustainability performance

  • Discuss starting points for businesses to implement sustainability as an integral part of their operations

The Basecamp consists of four sections and is designed to take about two hours in total. Learners can move through the material at their own pace, pausing and restarting as necessary.

Sustainability Business Bootcamp

The Sustainability Business Bootcamp guides learners through ways their company can improve sustainable business performance by optimizing business processes. The Bootcamp builds on the earlier Sustainability Base Camp training track. After completing the Sustainability Business Bootcamp, learners will be able to:

  • Drive sustainable business execution by integrating sustainability into business processes

  • Understand how to overcome sustainability challenges

  • Identify how Celonis EMS can help customers quantify and reduce their shipping emissions

  • Determine use cases where Celonis EMS supports operationalizing the sustainable procurement strategy

The Bootcamp is designed to take about one hour and learners can move through the course material at their own pace, pausing and restarting as necessary. A downloadable Sustainable Business Guide is included with the course, which learners can use to take notes and use as a reference while taking the course.

Shipping Emissions Reduction App

Learn how to use the Celonis Shipping Emissions Reduction App to reduce your carbon footprint. After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Calculate transport carbon emissions from shipping data within the SAP ERP system(s) and certified emission factors.

  • Identify and quantify key emission hotspots, such as inefficiencies in business processes and transport routes.

  • Suggest actions such as alternative modes of transport that may reduce carbon-intensity.

The course is designed to take approximately 30 minutes to complete and learners can move through the course material at their own pace, pausing and restarting as necessary.

Sustainable Spend Management App

The Sustainable Spend Management App training course will teacher learners how to analyze rating gaps in their supplier portfolio to improve procurement performance in Sustainable Spend. After completing this course, individuals should be able to:

  • Identify and prioritize which suppliers should be rated first.

  • Request a rating for a supplier.

  • Request a reassessment for a supplier.

The course is designed to take approximately 30 minutes to complete and learners can move through the course material at their own pace, pausing and restarting as necessary.

Celonis customer voices: Sustainability use cases

Throughout the Academy's online content, learners will see how Celonis is driving sustainable business execution in Order Management, Procurement and more. They will also hear real-world use cases from Celonis customers who are using EMS to achieve their sustainability goals, such as ABB, which has cut its scope 1 & 2 emissions 39% from 2019 and estimates that it will reduce customer emissions in 2022 by 11.5 megatons of Co2.

In addition to ABB, Celonis is working with multiple partners and customers on sustainability initiatives and proof-of-concept projects:

Learn process mining and execution management skills

Celonis Academy offers over 300 courses to help you learn the process mining, process management, and execution management skills that today’s employers are looking for…all online and all for free. For more information about the on-demand training courses and learning material available from Celonis, check out the following resources:

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