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Top online training courses for business and tech professionals from Celonis Academy

Process mining and execution management skills are rapidly gaining popularity with employers, and Celonis Academy offers over 300 courses to help you learn them. Courses cover everything from the basics of process mining to analyzing and optimizing business processes using specific tools within the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS). Academy courses are free and many are available in multiple languages, including English, German, French and Japanese.

In March 2022, Celonis released the list of most-popular Academy training tracks and individual courses ranked by total enrollments (includes both in-progress and completed courses/tracks). The results include data through February 22, 2022.

Top Celonis Academy Training Tracks

Celonis Academy Training Tracks are guided learning paths that consist of multiple courses. Learners can complete a track in a single session or break up the time required to finish a track into shorter sessions spread out over multiple days. Each course in a track is also accessible in the Academy Catalog as a standalone course.

1. Build Analyses - Basics and Write PQL Queries

The basic Build Analyses track consists of four sections and nine courses. It is designed to teach the learner how to create an analysis within the Celonis EMS from start to finish. The Write PQL Queries track contains two sections, five required courses and 1 elective, which are aimed at helping the learner get to know PQL (Process Query Language), understand how to work with it in the code editor, understand PQL operators, joins, filter, PU-functions and more. There are no prerequisites for the Write PQL Queries track, but many learners prefer to first learn about Analyses, Knowledge Models, Views and Action Flows before tackling PQL. The Write PQL Queries track replaces the previous training track called "Build Analyses - Advanced".

2. Review and Interpret Analyses 

The Review and Interpret Analyses track contains four sections and 10 courses. It is designed to help students use the Celonis EMS to “interpret process visualizations and leverage analyses to identify process inefficiencies.” The track should take about 3 hours to complete.

3. Process Mining Fundamentals for Students

The Process Mining Fundamentals for Students track is one of the most comprehensive and consists of five sections and 26 individual courses. Within this track, learners will find information on both the theoretical and applied foundations of Process Mining as well as instructions on how to use the Celonis EMS. The track is designed to take about 15 hours.

Top Celonis Academy Courses

1. Frame Value

The Frame Value course explains how framing value is the first phase in the Path to Value. After completing the course, learners should know how to identify execution gaps, qualify execution gaps, analyze the root causes behind execution gaps, quantify the potential value of addressing execution gaps and prioritize execution to address. The course should take between 1 and 3 hours.

2. Basic Coding with PQL

As the name implies, the Basic Coding with PQL will teach learners how to code basic queries using the Process Query Language. After finishing the course, learners should be able to apply Celonis PQL queries continuing conditions and basic functions, modify string input and timestamps, leverage process-related functions, such as PROCESS EQUALS AND CALC_THROUGHPUT, and understand PQL best practices and the available library sources. The course is designed to take 2.5 hours.

3. Celonis EMS Kickstarter

The Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) Kickstarter course will provide learners with an introduction to processing mining, the Celonis vision and mission and the Celonis EMS. There are no prerequisites required for this course and it is designed to take about 1 hour.

Learn process mining and execution management skills

Data-centric employees (data scientists, data engineers, strategy managers, etc.) with process mining, process management, or execution management skills are in demand. For more information on Celonis Academy and the free, on-demand training courses and learning material available from Celonis, check out the following resources:

If you want to help build the execution management and process mining systems that will be part of every enterprise IT toolkit, come work for Celonis!

Updated April 20, 2023 to reflect that the Write PQL Queries track replaced the Build Analyses - Advanced track.

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