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Lufthansa CityLine becomes more sustainable with process mining

Industry - Travel & Transportation Process - Customer Journey Region - Europe
"Process mining allowed us to integrate status updates from a number of different systems and to create one integrated view that was not available before."

Lufthansa CityLine at Celosphere: Reducing Carbon Emissions with Celonis

Join Lufthansa CityLine’s session to see how they are gearing up for sustainable success by driving digital transformation and predictive process steering at scale. Hear from Philipp Grindemann, Head of Business Development & Project Management, and Maximilian Hoffmann, Manager for Process Digitalization, how the Center of Excellence supports Lufthansa’s business units to quickly adapt to changed business requirements and deliver value in no time. Get the details on how they are fostering sustainability with their latest use case by reducing the CO footprint of their airline operation with Celonis.

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