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Celonis Data Engineer Certification Exam: Technical certification for process professionals

Technical certifications are a good way to test your knowledge, validate your skills and differentiate yourself from other professionals. Process professionals can now demonstrate their process mining proficiency with the Celonis Data Engineer Certification Exam.

Released in June 2023, the Data Engineer Certification Exam is the second Celonis Certification Exam, the first of which launched in January 2023. Celonis Certification Exams are offered through Celonis Academy and created using a rigorous process based on industry standards and best practices.

Crafting an exam begins with a detailed job task analysis (JTA) to “identify the knowledge and skills needed to perform the job role for which the certification is being designed.” Only then will the team create an exam blueprint and write the items. The individual exam items are then reviewed, test “beta” exams are conducted and a passing score is determined. The live exam is then released and continuously monitored to ensure the exam’s integrity and that the content remains current.

Creating a new exam requires hundreds of person hours and can take weeks, if not months. Throughout the process, subject matter experts (SMEs) play a crucial role, and the Academy team not only draws on the expertise of internal Celonis SMEs, but also our customers and ecosystem partners. Processand and Apolix were two Platinum Celonis Service Partners that contributed to the Data Engineer Certification Exam.

Processand is a global process mining consultancy that specialize in cutting-edge process mining solutions to enhance process efficiency, uncover hidden insights and drive data-informed decision-making. Ha Duong, a Senior Data Scientist and process mining expert at Processand, was one of the SMEs who was involved in creating the Exam. Her practical experience of custom process areas, IT-systems and Celonis solutions helped to bring in the must-have enablement of the Exam.

Apolix is a global consulting firm that specializes in process mining strategy and services. In speaking about their contribution to the Exam, a company representative said:

“As the leading partner of Celonis, Apolix is in daily contact with industry experts and organizations. For Apolix, it is very important to bridge the gap between theory and real-life experiences. That is why we are very excited to bring these worlds together by contributing to the Celonis Certification Exams. We are confident that every organization in the future will be using Celonis. Therefore, it is extremely important to enable as many people to work with technologies that will shape the future but also validate the skills of those who have the experience, with these Certifications Exams.”

In short, Celonis Certification Exams are developed for process professionals by process professionals.

Details: Data Engineer Certification Exam

The Celonis Data Engineer Certification Exam evaluates an individual’s ability to build, troubleshoot and optimize data pipelines that produce process mining data models using Celonis Data Integration.


To successfully complete the exam, candidates should know how to gather and understand business requirements, collaborate with stakeholders and develop Celonis Data Models designed for specific process mining use cases. Celonis recommends that candidates have at least 6 months of hands-on experience with Celonis Data Integration and 1 year or more of experience in a similar role.

Once they have successfully completed the exam, participants  will earn the Celonis Certified Data Engineer badge. Celonis digital badges allow learners to verify their Celonis Academy achievements and could be among the hottest new credentials for technology professionals.

To learn more about this and other Celonis Certification Exams, you can visit the Celonis Certifications and Data Engineer Certification Exam pages. There you will find links to the Celonis Certification Program Guide, the official Program Agreement and handy FAQs.

Calling all process experts! Contribute to a Celonis Certification Exam

If you're a subject matter expert and would like to contribute to a Celonis Certification Exam, reach out to us at academy@celonis.com. The program is open to technical professionals (analysts and data engineers) and business professionals who are Celonis Champions or part of a Center of Excellence (CoE). Those who contribute can earn a special Celonis Certification Exam Contributor badge.

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