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Top process mining and execution management training courses of 2022

Data-centric positions were among the top tech jobs for 2022. In its ranking of the 15 highest-paying IT jobs, staffing company Robert Half ranked big data engineer (#1), data architect (#6), database manager (#7), data security analyst (#8) and data scientist (#9). Many employers are looking for candidates with process mining and execution management skills to fill these data-centered roles.

It’s no wonder why businesses are looking for people with these skills. The State of Business Execution Benchmarks Report 2021, shows significant and costly performance differences between average companies and market leaders for common business KPIs, such as on-time delivery and days payable outstanding (DPO).

Celonis Academy offers 300+ courses to help you learn them, online, available in multiple languages and all for free. Academy courses cover everything from the basics of process mining to analyzing and optimizing business processes using specific tools within Celonis Execution Management System (EMS).

In late November, Celonis released the list of most-popular Academy training tracks and individual courses ranked by total enrollments (includes both in-progress and completed courses/tracks). The results include data through November 21, 2022.

Top Celonis Academy Training Tracks and Courses for 2022

Celonis Academy Training Tracks are guided learning paths that consist of multiple courses. Learners can complete a track in a single session or break up the time required to finish a track into shorter sessions spread out over multiple days. Each course in a track is also accessible in the Academy Catalog as an individual course.

1. Process Automation Bootcamp for Students

The Process Automation Bootcamp for Students is a training track focused on Automation for Business. The track consists of three parts and covers both theory and an applied business case study, as well as the link to Process Mining technology.

By the end of this track, learners should be able to to understand what Process Automation is and how it is applied in business, understand automation in general and different types of automation, articulate the link between Automation and Process Mining, use the Applied Software Tools in Celonis EMS Automation Sphere and apply the knowledge Process Automation to a sample business case.

The Process Automation Bootcamp for Students is designed to take 3 hours in total.

2. Process Mining Fundamentals for Students

The Process Mining Fundamentals for Students training track gives learners insights into both the theoretical and applied foundations around Process Mining. Learners who complete this  extensive series of courses will receive the Process Mining Fundamentals Certificate. The track consists of 20+ individual courses, knowledge checks and a case study.

After completion of the track material, learners will understand Process Mining fundamentals from a theoretical and applied standpoint, understand and apply analyst skills in Celonis EMS, know how to import data and use Celonis Academic to analyze process data and identify friction points, understand a variety of process mining application fields and be able to transfer analytical insights into business value.

The entire Process Mining Fundamentals for Students training track is designed to take approximately 15 hours.

3. Review and Interpret Analyses

The Review and Interpret Analyses training track provides learners the knowledge needed to interpret process visualizations and leverage analyses to identify process inefficiencies.

After completing the courses within the track, learners will be able to conceptualize business processes in terms of activities and cases, use the Celonis EMS Variant Explorer to create an overview of how a process flows, and use the EMS Process Explorer to quickly identify undesired activities and see how cases are flowing into and out of individual activities.

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The training track courses also show learners how to use the EMS Case Explorer to inspect individual cases, get automated insights with the Conformance checker and explore possible root causes of inefficiencies.

The Review and Interpret Analyses track should take about 3 hours to complete.

4. Build Analyses – Basics + Write PQL Queries

The Build Analyses – Basics and Write PQL Queries training tracks are designed to teach learners how to build analyses using Celonis EMS.

After completing the Basic track learners should be able to describe the importance of gathering user requirements, storyboard an analysis, create an analysis in Celonis Studio and publish the analysis. The Basic track also covers configuring charts and tables with dimensions and KPIs, standard and customized KPIs, and best practices in data visualization to your Celonis Analyses, among other subjects.

The Write PQL Queries track gives learners a solid understanding of PQL queries, how to build advanced formulas in the analysis code editor and how to solve specific use cases with PQL PU-functions. After finishing the PQL track courses, learners should also be able to apply joins and filters to analysis components, create static background filters, create benchmarking analysis sheets and configure interactive drill-down tables.

The Build Analyses – Basics track is designed to be completed in around 4 hours. The Write PQL Queries track can be completed in about 6 hours.

5. Welcome Kit

The Welcome Kit training track is the perfect place for learners to start their Celonis journey.

Designed for Celonis partners, the Welcome Kit introduces learners to Celonis EMS and the Celonis Partner Program. After completing the track courses, learners should understand the core concepts and technology of Process Mining and be able to navigate the components of Celonis EMS. The Welcome Kit will also help learners identify additional training tracks and courses within the Celonis Partner Enablement Program that match their specific needs.

The Welcome Kit should take about 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete.

6. Celonis Kickstarter + Localized Courses

The Celonis Kickstarter training course introduces learners to Celonis and Celonis EMS. Updated in June 2022, the course explains how process mining and task mining work, explores the components of EMS, and covers how to identify business use cases for EMS within an organization.

Celonis Ecosystem Kickstarter eng jpn welcome page

The Kickstarter is one of many localized Celonis Academy training tracks and courses. Over 30 localized courses and 4 training tracks are available in the original English as well as Japanese, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

The Kickstarter course is designed to take between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

Learn process mining and execution management skills

For more information about the on-demand training courses and learning material available from Celonis, check out the following resources:

Updated April 21, 2023 to reflect that the Write PQL Queries track replaced the previous "Build Analyses - Advanced" track.

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