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Celonis World Tour 2021 Recap: Takeaways for the Future of Processes & Data Execution

The world’s top-performing best companies have one thing in common. They’ve found a way to go beyond data analytics - to data execution. In a world where the volume of data is exploding, exceeding 64 zettabytes, industry leaders need to make this data work for them.

At the Celonis World Tour 2021, we gathered these pioneers to kick off the new era of data execution. We’ve shown the world what can happen when companies move from insights to execution: bringing real-time data, intelligence, and action together.

Thousands of Celonis customers and partners from every industry and all around the world made this year’s World Tour our biggest virtual event ever. Making stops in 8 different regions, we gathered the pioneers of business execution to join us for a day of learning, networking, and inspiration.  And inspiring it was! On top of more than 75+ powerful customer, partner, and product sessions, Celonis unveiled a series of breakthrough innovations across the 3 EMS pillars - data, intelligence, and action - that enable every organization in the world to execute on their data.

Here’s a recap of the announcements from the World Tour 2021 - and sessions you should put on your watch list!

4 World Tour Announcements you should know about


Celonis acquires Lenses.io

At World Tour, we announced the acquisition of Lenses.io to bring real-time data into business execution. Prior to Lenses.io, real-time streaming data was very difficult to apply in day-to-day business operations because of historically hard-to-use frameworks like Apache Kafka. Lenses.io is a pioneer in solving this problem by creating a system that allows any company to easily utilize streaming data, produced at scale, in milliseconds.

With the Lenses.io acquisition comes the launch of the new Celonis Kafka Connector.

Watch the Data product session from the World Tour


Launch of the Celonis Execution Graph

Through the process insights and data assembled over the last decade, we have cracked the code on how to connect events, dependencies, and process relationships across multi-system environments. This breakthrough, called the Celonis Execution Graph, will give businesses, for the first time, insight into the true nature of their interconnected process ecosystem.

The Celonis Execution Graph is powered by two unique technology innovations: Celonis Multi Event Log and Celonis Signal Link.

Watch the announcement in the World Tour Keynote Watch the Intelligence product session from the World Tour


Celonis announces partnership with ServiceNow

We were thrilled to announce that ServiceNow and Celonis have formed a strategic partnership to redefine how work flows. The partnership will combine ServiceNow’s leading low-code workflow platform with the real-time process execution capabilities of the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS).

And we’ve welcomed ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott to the World Tour stage to discuss the exciting news.

Watch the announcement in the World Tour Keynote

Celonis announces partnership with Conexiom

To top things off, we announced our plan to partner with Conexiom, the global leader in sales order automation, and the launch of Touchless Order Capture, a new joint product offering in the Celonis EMS. With this product, Conexiom and Celonis are bringing together best-of-breed technologies to enable customers to optimize their order management processes.

Watch the announcement in the World Tour Keynote

These sessions should be on your watch list

Miss a session that piqued your interest? You can always relive the magic of the World Tour on our website. Experience top World Tour sessions on-demand here:

Watch sessions on demand

To make it easier for you, we’ve gathered the top sessions from industry-leading customers from around the world:

Scaling Process Mining and Automation Enterprise-Wide in Financial Services With Wells Fargo

Hear from Raj Panisetty, Technology Executive at Wells Fargo, about best practices for deploying Process Mining in the Financial Industries sector. Watch the session.

One Year into HP's Celonis Journey: Uncovering $1B in Cash Flow Potential in AP and More

Join Christine Hawkins, Director of Digital and Process Transformation at HP as she discusses how HP was able to leverage the true power of the Celonis EMS to unlock their processes and bring value to the company. Watch the session.

Where BMW Is Going Next After Rolling Out Celonis in 50+ Processes

Join Patrick Lechner, Head of Process Mining and RPA at BMW, as he discusses how BMW has been leveraging the EMS’s capabilities in expanded areas of business, like finance, procurement, and G&A to close execution gaps. Watch the session.

Data-Driven Risk and Control Management with ABN AMRO

Join Peter Leijten, Program Manager Control Automation, as he discusses how ABN AMRO uses the Celonis EMS to make sure their processes are up to par on risk and compliance checks. Watch the session.

How the Kraft Heinz Center of Excellence Fuel Their Global Celonis Roll-Out

Fernanda SaFreire, Associate Director GBS of Kraft Heinz, reveals the “secret sauce” for successful process mining implementation, from starting in Accounts Receivable in EMA to moving towards a full global rollout. Watch the session.

Mars' "Mission Control" for Accounts Receivable: Process Transformation in Deduction Management

Mars Global Services AR Transformation Lead Nikki Nagel walks through the process of dedicating resources and creating the right mindset for adoption as they implemented Celonis into their Deduction Management processes. Watch the session.

Special Session: Data-Driven Sustainability Programs with Xerox

President and COO Steve Bandrowczak sits down for a fireside chat with Celonis to discuss Xerox’s plans for creating a sustainable business strategy that everyone will want to copy. Watch the session.

Flawless Delivery: How AB InBev Keeps Customers Happy by Maximizing First-Time-Right Deliveries

Hear from Damian Terenzi, Global Tech Director on Process Efficiency at AB InBev, as he discusses how they turned an eye towards excellence in their business processes to deliver even greater value to their customers using Celonis. Watch the session.


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