Celonis World Tour 2022 Copenhagen

World Tour 2022 Copenhagen: The LEGO Group lays building bricks to scale Celonis

The LEGO Group provided a deep dive into its analytics and process central services groups and how it is scaling Celonis Process Mining and Execution Management System (EMS).

Speaking at World Tour 2022 Copenhagen, The LEGO Group outlined how Celonis is integrated into the Business Services Operations (BSO) and Chief Financial Officer strategies. Overall, The LEGO Group is aiming to drive data driven problem solving with a process SWAT team. This team prioritizes high value activities, tracks improvements and makes process data insights accessible.

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The ultimate goal is to enable faster and better decisions at The LEGO Group by acting as an internal consultant for process improvements. The LEGO Group noted that it has spent the last year internalizing Celonis and its data driven approach.

What The LEGO Group is ultimately trying to achieve is an ongoing effort to leverage process diagnostics and continual improvement. By combining process improvement leads, subject matter experts, Celonis data analysts and change managers in BSO, The LEGO Group is looking to bring value to the company at large.

Broad core value metrics for The LEGO Group include:

  • Productivity.

  • Throughput time.

  • Quality.

  • And Compliance.

Perhaps not surprisingly, The LEGO Group is organized like a LEGO structure. The company has a bevy of core building blocks. The company aims to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow, deliver end-to-end solutions for LEGO World and deliver an awesome experience. To meet those goals, The LEGO Group has set up analytics, engagement and agile service delivery groups as central units.

The LEGO Group is entering an acceleration phase for its Celonis use following a year of driving value internally via its Business Services Organization.

This acceleration will be enabled by Celonis EMS, which will serve as the connection point between systems, data and process improvements. The LEGO Group is looking to provide end-to-end process diagnostics and continually optimize and drive returns. Ultimately, The LEGO Group will export these technologies and approaches to its divisions.

Today, The LEGO Group is leveraging Celonis Order-to-Cash B2B, Accounts Receivable and Record-to-Report. The company is planning Order-to-Cash Direct to Consumer and Procure-to-Pay. Going forward, The LEGO Group is looking to quantify and prioritize value potential in its global data model and turn them into "value pockets."

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