Celonis World Tour 2022

Celonis World Tour 2022: Everything you need to know

Celonis World Tour 2022 is underway with three stops in the books and another nine to go through June 28. There are a bevy of takeaways from customers, but the top of mind issues are inflation, supply chain and sustainability.

These issues are all going to require process optimization and execution management to navigate these macroeconomic and enterprise challenges.

At World Tour stops, customers and Celonis partners and experts shared best practices. In addition, Celonis along with partner ServiceNow outlined how the two companies are collaborating to "Find, Frame and Fix" inefficiencies for multiple processes starting with procurement, accounts payable and order management.

Here's a recap of news from the World Tour 2022 with key takeaways.

For a deeper dive on any of these takeaways you can check out the news coverage as well as the video replay of World Tour 2022 broken out by location.


Celonis World Tour 2022 Recap: 8 takeaways

Celonis World Tour 2022 is a wrap and after 12 stops around the world, it's time for a recap, reflection and a few takeaways.


Celonis World Tour 2022 Paris: Safran, Arkema highlight process excellence

Aerospace company Safran and specialty chemicals and advanced materials firm Arkema headlined the keynote for Celonis World Tour 2022 Paris with a look at their respective process excellence efforts.


Uniper process excellence in power plants yield safety, financial gains

Uniper, an international energy company, used Celonis to optimize the maintenance of its power generation fleet to improve safety, across its business it also realized improvements with Celonis in energy trading, procurement and IT service management. Deutsche Post DHL outlines Celonis EMS use cases for its HR processes

Deutsche Post DHL outlined at Celonis World Tour 2022 Munich how it improved its hire-to-retire human resources processes and now plans to expand use of the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) and automation via the Action Engine.

Celonis and EcoVadis outline sustainable procurement partnership

Celonis said it has formed a strategic partnership with EcoVadis, a leading business sustainability ratings platform, to operationalize sustainable procurement. EcoVadis recently raised $500 million in venture funding. 

Celonis to integrate IntegrityNext sustainability assessments and monitoring into Celonis EMS

Celonis said that it has partnered with IntegrityNext to integrate sustainability and compliance monitoring into Celonis Execution Management System. IntegrityNext's platform allows procurement organizations to qualify and monitor sustainability compliance.


Top takeaways from Celonis World Tour 2022 Chicago: Process excellence is a journey

During the keynote, sessions and panel discussions, Celonis customers and partners, also shared their use cases and insights for driving process excellence with Celonis EMS. Webinar: The Business Case for Process Mining


Celonis World Tour 2022 Milan: Poste Italiane drives process efficiency

Poste Italiane said that it is leveraging process mining and execution management to drive efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. Speaking at Celonis World Tour 2022 Milan, Marco Ceccobelli, Head of Process Quality Competence Center for Poste Italiane, said the company this year used Celonis for Order-to-Cash processes.

New York:

Why financial services firm see process mining as core part of risk management, auditing

Process mining will become a key tool for financial services firms, auditors and risk management teams. That outlook was given by two financial services executives speaking at Celonis World Tour 2022 New York in two separate sessions.

Reckitt eyes supply chain transformation, sustainability

Reckitt Chief Information and Digitization Officer Filippo Catalano said the company plans to deploy Celonis Execution Management System into supply chain as well as manufacturing and human resources processes.

How AB InBev eliminates fraud in its supply chain with Celonis

At the New York stop of Celonis World Tour 2022, Vini Cardoso, Global Tech Finance Director at AB InBev, shared key learnings from the multiple ways the company is embedding Celonis process mining and execution management in daily operations across the company, including fraud detection across the supply chain.

Mars creates Process Intelligence Hub to drive value realization with Celonis

During the New York stop on Celonis World Tour 2022, Celonis customer Mars explained how its Process Intelligence Hub has allowed the company to improve working capital, reduced emissions, and improved cash recoveries and cash position.


Celonis World Tour 2022 London: Kraft Heinz, Delphi Technologies highlight Accounts Payable process excellence

Celonis customers Kraft Heinz and Delphi Technologies outlined value realized in their Accounts Payable processes during a keynote at the London stop of World Tour 2022. The core themes at Celonis World Tour 2022 were process excellence and execution management as a way to manage through multiple challenges such as inflation, supply chain disruptions and sustainability.

How Malvern Panalytical revamped its Accounts Payable processes with Celonis EMS

Malvern Panalytical achieved a multiple return on investment in less than a year by deploying Celonis for its Accounts Receivable. Speaking at World Tour 2022 London, Mark Hoole-Jackson, Director of Spectris Business Systems, within Malvern Panalytical, outlined the Celonis deployment as well as future plans.


Celonis World Tour 2022 Madrid: Repsol outlines Source-to-Pay gains

Speaking at Celonis World Tour 2022 Madrid, Repsol outlined how the global energy company was creating value through process excellence. Repsol was part of a customer lineup that included Telefonica, Navantia and El Corte Ingles.


Nationale-Nederlanden Bank deploys process mining for mortgage loans

Nationale-Nederlanden Bank, the fifth largest Dutch bank, is looking to hone its mortgage loan servicing and origination processes with Celonis Process Mining. Speaking at Celonis World Tour 2022 Amsterdam, Hans Buursink, Head of Mortgages & Consumer Lending at Nationale-Nederlanden Bank, outlined the company's process mining efforts.

Also:Why mortgage lenders are going to be revamping processes


World Tour 2022 Copenhagen: The LEGO Group lays building bricks to scale Celonis

The LEGO Group provided a deep dive into its analytics and process central services groups and how it is scaling Celonis Process Mining and Execution Management System (EMS). Speaking at World Tour 2022 Copenhagen, The LEGO Group outlined how Celonis is integrated into the Business Services Operations (BSO) and Chief Financial Officer strategies. Overall, The LEGO Group is aiming to drive data driven problem solving with a process SWAT team. This team prioritizes high value activities, tracks improvements and makes process data insights accessible.


How Huntsman scaled process excellence, use cases

Chemical company Huntsman was able to onboard more than 100 Celonis users globally in less than 6 months and cultivated a team of 'citizen developers' to stamp out process inefficiencies. The real trick: Cultivating a culture that didn't get defensive about process problems and became more collaborative.

Sustainability will drive returns on investment with assist from inflation

Sustainability will need to generate returns on investment, but surging inflation means the hurdle to transitioning to net zero carbon is lower, said Janina Nakladal, Director of Sustainability at Celonis. "The cost increases of transitioning to net zero are lower than they were due to inflation," said Nakladal.

Top takeaways from World Tour 2022 Houston

Celonis World Tour 2022 is underway with three stops in the books and another nine to go through June 28. There are a bevy of takeaways from customers, but the top of mind issues are inflation, supply chain and sustainability. These issues are all going to require process optimization and execution management to navigate these macroeconomic and enterprise challenges.

Bay Area:

Splunk and Celonis: 6 best practices for process mining and execution management success at scale

Splunk started its process mining journey with a pilot program on the global deal desk, and within nine months the data platform company had expanded the program to nine other processes, including opportunity management, order-to-cash, accounts receivable and talent acquisition.

These 8 characteristics of resilient supply chains can give your business a competitive advantage

Supply chain shocks are happening more frequently than in the past, and they’re more severe when they occur. Companies must transform their supply chains to be more resilient. That was the message Julian Fischer, Partner at McKinsey & Company, delivered to a group of business leaders and execution management professionals earlier this week at the Bay Area stop on Celonis World Tour 2022.

Execution management, process excellence key to outrunning inflation, supply chain woes says Celonis co-CEO

"There are decades when nothing happens and then there are weeks where decades happen. If you look at the macro picture we are in those kinds of weeks." That was the message delivered by Celonis co-Founder and co-CEO, Alexander Rinke at the Celonis World Tour 2022 kick-off event in San Francisco.

Alex Rinke and Ray Wang fireside chat at Celonis World tour 2022 Bay Area

How LinkedIn IT operations gave 300,000 hours back to employees using process mining and execution management

Time is money. And with rising labor costs, every employee’s time is at a premium. The last thing companies want are workers sitting idle, waiting for IT problems to be resolved or requests to be fulfilled. So when LinkedIn’s IT operations team was able to give over 300,000 hours back to employees by using Celonis EMS for ITSM, it added real dollars to the bottom line.

Why and how to scale Celonis Centers of Excellence (CoE) to grow value

Celonis customers with a Center of Excellence (CoE) and dedicated teams are 8.8x more likely to achieve positive returns on investments than customers without one, according to a survey. The data from the survey also provides a handy blueprint on why CoEs are important, what are best practices and how to accelerate the Celonis journey. The survey, a joint collaboration between Celonis and the Fraunhofer FIT Institute released on the first day of World Tour 2022, addressed 500 Celonis customers and received 214 responses.

Why inflation, supply chain, sustainability crises require Execution Management, efficiency gains

Inefficiency is a generational problem that hides in plain sight and needs to be fixed in a hurry via Execution Management and process excellence. Why? The only way for companies to outrun supply chain issues, inflation and sustainability is to become more efficient. "The scale of the problem we're talking about is bigger than anything we've ever seen," said Dave Peterson, Celonis Chief Marketing Officer, during the event keynote.

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