Celonis World Tour 2022 Munich

Celonis World Tour 2022 Munich: Uniper process excellence in power plants yield safety, financial gains

Uniper, an international energy company, used Celonis to optimize the maintenance of its power generation fleet to improve safety, across its business it also realized improvements with Celonis in energy trading, procurement and IT service management.

Speaking during the Celonis World Tour 2022 Munich keynote, Uniper Senior Vice President of Business Change Christian Floetotto said his company is integrating Celonis into its digital process transformation and automation initiatives. 

Floetotto was joined during the keynote by Celonis Co-CEO Bastian Nominacher and Celonis CTO Martin Klenk along with other partners and customers such as Deutsche Post DHL.

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Uniper has realized value of more than 2 million euros in the field of plant maintenance, international energy trading and IT service management, said Floetotto. But the benefits go beyond financial metrics. Floetotto said process excellence has improved safety for workers, cut operational risks in gas Dispatch and created faster time to market in sales. 

Floetotto noted that he and his team are supporting  the business transformation and decarbonization of Uniper. He added that Celonis sits within Uniper's digital ecosystem alongside technologies such as automation and machine learning. "For us, Celonis is the process orchestration instrument," said Floetotto, who noted that process mining provides end to end process transparency, the best possible use of resources and value. 

The original use case for Celonis was in power plants. Process transparency enabled higher safety during maintenance. The power plant pilot also revealed supplier management opportunities, Floetotto said. 

From there, Uniper leveraged Celonis in its energy trading operations to lower operational risks. The third use case was in sales as Uniper coordinated different units in the company to be able to participate in more customer tenders with the potential to win large contracts, explained Floetotto. 

Among the key takeaways from Uniper's Floetotto:

  • Executive support is vital and Uniper CFO Tiina Tuomela was critical to prioritizing the Celonis roadmap.  

  • The qualitative value to process excellence is critical. Floetotto said organizations collaborated better once they mapped business processes end-to-end and saw wins. 

  • Continue to identify value. Floetotto said Uniper has identified a steady stream of potential value to realize across its end to end processes. 

  • Exchange ideas and best practices with peers with Celonis  customer community.

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