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Celonis World Tour 2022 New York: Reckitt eyes supply chain transformation, sustainability

Reckitt Chief Information and Digitization Officer Filippo Catalano said the company plans to deploy Celonis Execution Management System into supply chain as well as manufacturing and human resources processes.

Speaking at Celonis World Tour 2022 New York, Catalano outlined Reckitt's plans. Today, Reckitt uses Celonis for more than 40 processes across Finance, Procurement, Order Management and Quality Management.

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With a Center of Excellence in India, the British multinational focused on health, hygiene and nutrition products such as Lysol, Mucinex and Airborne, the company is looking to deliver value while navigating multiple challenges. The bet: applying technology to drive digitization and process excellence can enable the company to perform well despite demand spikes, supply chain imbalances and inflation.

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Catalano said Reckitt has been "profoundly affected" by supply chain volatility and Celonis is an enabler to manage through those challenges. "The supply chain has been super volatile," said Catalano.

He said Celonis is being used to baseline transformation progress and hide the complexity in legacy systems. "We have 1,200 business users and 30 analysts with access to ML Workbench, Execution Apps, and full EMS capabilities," he said.

As for the roadmap, Catalano said Reckitt is working with Celonis to expand into more business units "with a particular focus on master data." He also added that sustainability was a big push for Reckitt.

"We are also co-innovating with Celonis to help in our sustainability initiative. We want to identify and fix waste that creates CO2/GHG and other physical inefficiencies in our own perimeter," said Catalano, who noted that sustainability goals can be achieved by making the overall value stream more efficient.

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