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Celonis to integrate IntegrityNext sustainability assessments and monitoring into Celonis EMS

Celonis said that it has partnered with IntegrityNext to integrate sustainability and compliance monitoring into Celonis Execution Management System. 

IntegrityNext's platform allows procurement organizations to qualify and monitor sustainability compliance. IntegrityNext obtains supplier self-assessments and certificates and then creates profiles for each supplier. In addition, IntegrityNext monitors social media for real-time sustainable malpractice and reputational risk for each vendor.

What is sustainability in business? The process, returns, KPIs and everything you need to know

Sustainability has become a lead issue for companies along with supply chain and inflation as a bevy of executives and Celonis customers outlined at World Tour 2022. The three topics are increasingly intertwined because enterprises need to become more efficient. In other words, what saves money can also advance sustainability goals.The next move will be to operationalize sustainability.  

The strategic partnership between IntegrityNext and Celonis aims to address:

Driving sustainable spend in procurement: Celonis will operationalize IntegrityNext's sustainability assessments and monitoring. IntegrityNext customers will get automatically triggered assessments for unrated suppliers. Celonis EMS will also evaluate sustainability for each purchase order and recommend the most suitable supplier. Celonis and IntegrityNext will also enable customized reports on procurement performance and insights attached to individual purchase orders. 

Managing supplier onboarding and performance: Celonis will integrate IntegrityNext assessments to enable customers to sort through vendors. 

Ensuring sustainable supplier selection in procurement: Businesses will be able select suppliers based on IntegrityNext sustainability assessments and monitoring in every purchasing decision. 

Reporting on and increasing sustainable procurement performance: The integration of Celonis EMS's Action Engine with IntegrityNext's supplier insights enables customers to select sustainable vendors down to the order level. Celonis EMS will recommend the best supplier for every purchase order based on what an organization prioritizes (for instance, human rights, or environmental impact). 

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