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Accenture, TCS teams win Celonis Ecosystem Hackathon

Smart meter optimization for utilities, satellite data to identify fires in Ukraine and spot supply chain disruptions and automated prescription refill processes were a few Celonis Execution Management System use cases that emerged from the 1st Celonis Ecosystem Hackathon.

The Celonis Ecosystem Hackathon, which kicked off June 24, was a global event with 45 partner teams consisting of 220 Celonis experts from 23 partners. The aim was to create new use cases for Celonis to solve real-world challenges.

During the Hackathon, Miguel Milano, Celonis CRO and Co-Owner, expressed his excitement for the work that the participants had done and shared how that work is core to the company’s strategic plans.

"Celonis EMS is at its best when we're supported by this vibrant ecosystem - our impact is infinitely greater thanks to each of the assets and use cases that our partners and customers build on top of our platform," Milano said.

Here are the winners in the Use Case Ideation and Asset Development categories:

Use Case Ideation

  1. TCS - Smart Metering for Utilities to Reduce CO2 Emissions

  2. Cognizant - PreAuth Medications

  3. Cognizant - Loan Origination Optimization

Asset Development

  1. Accenture - Data Driven Risk Prevention: Sustainability and Supply Chain

  2. Deloitte - Optimize Third Party Vendor Risk Management for Supply Chain

  3. Ashling Partners - Better Patient Outcomes Through Prescription Drug Refill Management

All of the participants highlighted use cases that were relevant given the macroeconomic backdrop of inflation, supply chain disruption and sustainability. For instance, TCS' use case revolved around smart metering for utilities, which could help sustainability. A Cognizant team focused on loan origination, which is an emerging issue given inflation and higher interest rates on the economy.

“The finalists, and indeed all the participants, in our first Global Ecosystem Hackathon showcased new and innovative solutions for some of today’s most pressing business transformation challenges,” said Faika Halici, Senior Director of Partner and Customer Marketing at Celonis.

Accenture's team was particularly timely given the need to reroute supply chain logistics due to the war in Ukraine. Deloitte also was focused on the supply chain and its use case provided an integrated view of suppliers that provided visibility into what purchase orders were at risk.

Ashling Partners and Cognizant also highlighted a use case that aimed to optimize the processes behind drug refills and making sure patients are on schedule. By identifying execution gaps in processing, Pharmaceutical Benefit Management firms could fix issues via alerts, patient outreach and cycle times.

Gene Reznik, SVP of Ecosystem & Industries at Celonis, closed the Hackathon with remarks about how this group and Celonis as a whole were at the forefront of transforming the consulting industry.

“You’re taking something that was done manually through interviews and through workshops, and you’re creating innovative apps with data, with analytics, with machine learning and with action flows to truly drive faster, accelerated value to the customer,” Reznik said. 

The first place teams will each receive $3,000 to donate to a charity of their choice, and the second place teams will each receive $2,000 to donate.

The Celonis Ecosystem Hackathon included 21 mentors and 14 judges from Celonis.

Celonis Partners get free access to App Creator courses from Celonis Academy and support with developing and publishing their apps in the Marketplace.

Larry Dignan contributed to this report.

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