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Ready to change the world of business — together? Start by joining our Celonis Partner Portal now

Together with our ecosystem, we have built the world’s leading Process Mining business and community.

Now, we are taking it to a new level with the Celonis Execution Management system (EMS). 

The Celonis EMS reveals and fixes process inefficiencies, our customers can't see, enabling them to perform at levels they never thought possible. Whether you want to co-sell or resell the Celonis EMS, use it to differentiate your services offerings, enrich and extend your platform, or offer your own intelligent Execution Apps, join our ecosystem and start helping your customers eliminate billions of dollars in corporate inefficiencies.

Celonis Process Mining®

Process Data

Integrates data across systems, desktops, documents, and event streams.

100+ Process Connectors

Process Analysis

X-Rays processes for inefficiencies and recommends improvements

500+ pre-built Apps

Process Improvement

Executes on insights automatically and orchestrates your existing technologies

1,000+ Integrations

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Why partner with Celonis?

The Celonis EMS is unique in its ability to uncover execution gaps, recommend the best ways to eliminate them, apply these recommendations, and intelligently automate actions to drive higher efficiency and unlock massive value.

Maximize customers’ execution capacity

Leverage the Celonis EMS to eliminate all barriers to execution for your customers –– for every process across any industry. Ensure sustainable customer value and new revenues for your company.

Bolster and differentiate your business

Embed Celonis technology in your solutions to help your customers close execution gaps faster and more effectively than ever before. Accentuate your difference and showcase your expertise.

Capture new business opportunities

Combine your industry, process, and business systems knowledge with leading Process Mining and Execution Management technology from Celonis, to offer new impactful services and create innovative and intelligent solutions for your customers.

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Celonis for Consulting

Imagine a world where you, as a business process consulting advisor, can take a digital X-ray of your client’s operations.

  • You instantly see the process breakdowns.
  • You take data-driven targeted actions to fix them.
  • You accelerate value realization for your clients.

This is the digital world Celonis for Consulting opens up to you.

Consultants at 2000+ consulting firms are already using Celonis for their client projects, what’s stopping you? The future of process improvement consulting is here.

Take your first step into the digital age of consulting.

Looking for a partner?

Are you an existing customer or engaging with Celonis for the first time? Explore our Celonis Partner Network and find one that best supports your Execution Management journey. Our ecosystem combines the best business expertise and technology solutions to help you achieve your goals.

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Want to become a partner with Celonis?

The Celonis EMS supports every type of partnership in our ecosystem.

Services Partners

Accelerate and expand data-driven services.

Technology Partners

Enrich and extend enterprise cloud offerings.

ISV Partners

Build, launch, and sell intelligent Execution Apps at scale.

Private Equity Partners

Unlock trapped business value and revenue potential

Academic Partners

Learn, teach, and innovate

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