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We highly appreciate any student or doctoral candidate interested in writing their thesis on Process Mining and related aspects. It is our mission to empower the next generation of process miners, and this means that we support you and your research as good as we can.

We believe that Process Mining can make an impact anywhere around the world, and in almost any discipline. Therefore, we explictly encourage students of all nationalities and with any background to join our program!


Join the Celonis Thesis Program

We have supported over 350 student theses so far. Join the Celonis Thesis Program by signing up using the form below to receive:

  • An extensive list of literature and resources such as reports and presentations

  • Directions on how to access the Academic version of the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud and training material in the Celonis Academy

  • Access to vibrant community of process mining enthusiasts and help from our R&D Coordinator

Moreover, if you need additional resources from our side, such as access to further experts, interviews, or if you are interested in starting a project with another academic partner or one of our customers, we can help you. In this case, we need a One-Page pitch from you, explaining what you need from our side, the scientific excellence of the topic, and its relevance for Celonis (or other involved stakeholders). You you will receive a template for this pitch after signing up for our thesis program. The pitches are evaluated internally at least twice a month, and you will hear from us shortly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Celonis support my thesis?

Celonis can provide access to the academic version of our software and help you analyze your own data. We can provide our expertise and help you get started. We will also connect you with fellow students and researchers through the Celonis community. This support is entirely provided online by signing up to our thesis program. Please do not contact us directly, but first follow the steps of this program. In some cases, we can also provide further support such as contact to experts or interviews. In these cases, we perform a pre-selection of relevant topics through a pitch, for which you can access a template after registration.

Are there any limitations as to which countries students can come from or which universities they are working with?

No! We especially encourage students from outside of Europe to take part in our Thesis Programme. We can fully support theses in English and German language.

How do I find a suitable topic?

Ideally, students suggest topics in agreement with their academic chairs. However, if you have a rough idea of what you would like to do and still need inspiration to define a topic, you can talk to us after signing up to our Thesis Programme, and we can suggest topics.

Is there a possibility to work with Celonis as a working student while I write my thesis?

At the moment, we do not offer working student positions only for the purpose of writing a thesis. However, you can check our career page for open internship or working student positions and then contact us to find out if a combination with your thesis topic is possible.

Is it also possible to write a doctoral/PhD thesis with support by Celonis?

Yes! Please also sign up for our thesis programme, and then directly book an appointment with our R&D Coordinator, who will be able to discuss the scope of our involvement.

Do I need to sign any documents to work with you on my thesis?

This depends on your topic. If you only use our standard material and don’t need anything further you don’t need any documents. If you need access to internal information at Celonis, you have to sign a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA). If your thesis will contain this internal information, your academic supervisor will have to sign an NDA as well, and the thesis must not be published. We will let you know if this applies to you.

Can you help me find an academic supervisor?

If you already know your topic but do not have an academic supervisor yet, we can check within our network whether we know a suitable researcher who can support you. We cannot promise you that we will find somebody, but in most cases this is feasible. It depends on your university whether external supervisors are accepted.

How closely are you working with external students on their thesis projects?

External students (those not working at Celonis) are still mainly supervised by their academic supervisors. We provide some assistance, and the scope depends on the project. However, we do not have the capacity to support every thesis extensively.

How many thesis projects have been conducted already?

As of August 2020, we have supported over 270 internal and external theses and student projects, out of which over 50 have taken place in the first half of 2020 alone.

I am a working student at a company and I would like to use the Celonis Academic Intelligent Business Cloud for my thesis project, which is at the same time a commercial project at the company I work for. Is this possible?

Yes, but only if you use the academic version of our software just for the scope of the thesis project, and only you personally have access to the Celonis account. Any primarily commercial use of our academic version is prohibited, as stated in the terms of use.

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