Celonis Student Thesis and Research (STaR) Program

We highly welcome bachelor or master students, or doctoral candidates interested in writing their thesis, project study, developer study or research seminar papers on process mining and related aspects. It is our mission to empower the next generation of process miners, and this means that we aim to support you and your research as well as we can.

We believe that process mining can make an impact anywhere in the world, and in almost any discipline. Therefore, we explicitly encourage students of all nationalities and backgrounds to join our Celonis STaR Program!


Join the Celonis STaR Program

Sign up for the Celonis STaR Program by completing the sign-up form below and receive all the information you may need to successfully write your thesis, project or developer study or research seminar papers:

  • Directions on how to get your hands on the academic version of the Celonis Software for free

  • Training and material on how to use, modify, work and upload data within our Celonis Software in the Celonis Academy

  • Access to our vibrant community of process mining enthusiasts on our Celopeers Forum

  • Help from our Academic Research & Innovation Coordinator

 Moreover, if you need additional resources from our side, such as access to further experts, interviews, or if you are interested in starting a project with another academic partner or one of our customers, we could help you. In this case, we need a One-Page pitch from you, explaining what you need from our side, the scientific excellence of the topic, and its relevance for Celonis (and/or other involved stakeholders). You will receive a template for this pitch after signing up for Celonis STaR Program. The pitches are evaluated internally at least twice a month, and you will hear from us shortly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations as to which countries students can come from or which universities they are working with?

We especially encourage students from outside of Europe to take part in the Celonis STaR Program. All our materials are available in English.

However, Celonis is legally unable to transact (directly or indirectly) with the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. In addition, Celonis does not do business in Russia. If the institution you are studying/working at or with is located in/belongs to one of these countries, then you will need to wait until the situation changes to apply for Celonis STaR Program.

Can I schedule a personal meeting with the Research & Innovation Coordinator?

Due to capacity reasons, we do not schedule calls with students.
For every question you have regarding your project with Celonis, please first read the FAQs and the information and instructions we have given you in our welcome package (you get this after signing up for our STaR program).

If you have questions that are not answered by the FAQs, please check our Celonis Community (you will get the information how to engage here in your welcome letter after signing up)

If you have still not received the information you are looking for, you can write an email to academic.alliance@celonis.com and state as a Subject “STaR Program + (topic of your question)”.

Please tell us specifically what your question is and where you need support. Our team will then get back to you. Because we get many requests, following up on your request can take up some days.

Can you help me find an academic supervisor?

If you already know your topic but do not have an academic supervisor yet, we can check within our network whether we know a suitable researcher who can support you. We cannot promise you that we will find somebody, but in most cases this is feasible. It depends on your university whether external supervisors are accepted.

Please note that all communication and the checking of all regulations is in your responsibility. We can only support in making the first introduction.

Do I need to sign any documents to work with you on my project? What about Data Declarations and Non-Disclosure?

If you need to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) depends on your topic. If you only use our standard material and don’t need anything further you don’t need to sign any documents.

If you need access to internal information at Celonis and your thesis contains confidential information (technical data, customer data), you have to sign a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA).

If your project will contain this internal information, your academic supervisor will have to sign an NDA as well, and the project must not be published.

Please also check the Thesis Guidelines in your Welcome Letter for specific information on Non-Disclosure Agreements and Data Security.

How can Celonis support my project?

Celonis can provide researchers and thesis students free access to the academic version of our software and help you analyze your own data. We can provide our expertise and help you get started by giving you access to our digital training platform. We will also connect you with fellow students and researchers through the Celonis community platform. This support is entirely provided online by signing up to our thesis program.

Please do not contact us directly, but first follow the steps of this program. In some cases, we can also provide further support such as contact to experts or interviews. In these cases, we perform a pre-selection of relevant topics through a pitch, for which you can access a template after registration.

How do I find a suitable topic?

You as a student are responsible for finding a topic you want to research on. As a company we have no resources to guide you in finding a research topic. Please frame your topic in agreement with your academic supervisor. If you are writing your thesis with a company, please also make sure that the research topic is in line with your company supervisor.

How closely are you working with external students on their projects?

External students (those not working at Celonis) need to be mainly supervised by their academic and/or company supervisors. We do not have the capacity to support every project extensively.

I am a working student at a company and I would like to use the Celonis Academic Intelligent Business Cloud for my project, which is at the same time a commercial project at the company I work for. Is this possible?

Yes, but only if you use the academic version of our software just for the scope of the project, and only you personally have access to the Celonis account. Any primarily commercial use of our academic version is prohibited, as stated in the terms of use.

Is it also possible to write a doctoral/PhD thesis with support by Celonis?

Yes! If you want to write your PhD Thesis using Celonis materials, please sign up for our STaR programme. You may book an appointment with our Research & Innovation Coordinator, who will be able to discuss the scope of our involvement.
However, we do not give out any PhD scholarships or working positions only with the purpose of writing a PhD thesis.

Is there a possibility to work with Celonis as a working student while I write my thesis?

At the moment, we do not offer working student positions only for the purpose of writing a thesis. However, you can check our career page for open internship or working student positions and then contact us to find out if a combination with your thesis topic is possible.

What does the Celonis STaR Program cover and what not?

What we provide after you have signed up for our Thesis Program:

  • We provide students and researchers (after signing up for our STaR program) with free access to our Celonis Software the Execution Management System (EMS).
  • We provide free access to our Online Academy and train you to become a process mining expert.
  • Within our StaR program package you also get access to some literature and our Celosphere Conference contents.
  • If you need further support e.g. interviews, use cases etc. you can apply for this by handing in a pitch for your project. All information on this is coming with our welcome package after signing up for the program.
  • We connect you to other students via our Celonis Community.
  • We provide you with all information you need to do your project using the Celonis Software with our welcome package and the FAQs that are regularly updated.
  • If questions are not covered by the FAQs you can check out our Celonis Community (you will get the information how to access with your welcome letter after you signed up for the Thesis Program).
  • If your question is still open after those steps, email us via academic.alliance@celonis.com and state as a Subject “STaR Program +
    (topic of your question).
  • Please tell us specifically what your question is and where you need support. Our team will then get back to you. Because we get many requests, following up on your request can take up some days.

What we do not provide. Due to capacity reasons we can not…

  • support you if you have not signed up for our STaR Program.
  • help you find a topic.
  • help you frame your project - unless you are working at Celonis (please reach out to your academic supervisor for topic collection and framing).
  • provide personal calls (does not apply for people working at Celonis).
  • provide you with interviews or data (unless you apply for support via a thesis pitch - only the best students with a high impact for Celonis will be accepted).
  • proofread your paper.
  • answer any question that is already answered by the FAQs.
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