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Rising Star Consultant Bootcamp

You have had your first experiences with Celonis or the Rising Star Program? You want to learn more about it?

Then join our Rising Star Consultant Bootcamp. In this program, you will work on a case study in a group with 2-3 other students. In the case study, you’ll apply your software skills and business process acumen by:

  • Transforming datasets (provided by Celonis) into dashboards.

  • Create a business case with valuable insights.

At the end, three winners pitch their findings to a jury of Celonis employees, customers, partners - a great way to showcase your expertise directly to potential future employers. 

rising star consultant
rising star consultant

There are no upcoming sessions available. Stay tuned for the next cohort!

Sign up for the Rising Star Consultant Bootcamp

You can find the online training and sign up for the next Rising Star Consultant Bootcamp in the Celonis Academy.


If questions are not answered yet, please contact the Academic Alliance team.

What is the Rising Star Consultant Bootcamp

The Rising Star Consultant Bootcamps is a program provided by the Celonis Academic Alliance. It allows you to apply your process mining skills through a case study and get a chance to pitch it to a jury. Find more information here

Who is eligible to take part in this program?

We welcome all ambitious students who are ready to work with a team on real business problems and want to dive deeper into Process Mining.

Required software skills: Rising Stars Business or Technical. These trainings can be conducted prior or during the bootcamp and are a requirement to receive the consultants bootcamp badge at the end of the training.

How long will the program be?

The program will take place over a timeframe of three weeks. This includes a kickoff workshop, exchange workshop, and a final workshop (1h each). In between the workshops or prior to it, you can complete the online training courses (19-23.5hrs total) at your own pace.

What is the business case about?

Every student who wants to receive the Consultant Star badge needs to participate in a group to solve a business case. The business case builds upon the online training courses and will be introduced in the kickoff workshop. The business case outcomes include the creation of an analysis in the software and a presentation of results. The presentation needs to be handed in before the final workshop.

Do I have to be present at all the webinars?

The webinars will take place online through our video conferencing tool, and these webinars will be recorded. In case you should not be able to attend the webinars, please make sure to inform the program coordinator.

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