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Celosphere 2022: Celonis brings perspective to process mining

Celonis executives unveiled the company's next-gen products and vision for the future of process mining to give more business users perspective across units, departments, value chains and ecosystems. The leap is akin to comparing an X-ray to an MRI.

These perspectives will ultimately democratize process mining across enterprises. Speaking at the Celosphere 2022 keynote, Celonis co-CEO Alex Rinke said new innovation from the company will provide a three-dimensional view of processes compared to the two-dimensional model.

"New perspectives not only help us reveal and fix problems. They also help us to reveal and generate value," said Rinke. "Sometimes at a universal scale."

"We don’t grow by changing perspective, we grow by adding perspective," said Rinke.

The gist: Big problems such as supply chain, inflation and sustainability require new perspectives.

Here's a look at the key themes from Celonis' vision.

An object-centric foundation provides insights live at the intersection of processes and departments. Wil van der Aalst, Celonis Chief Scientist and the father of process mining, said process intelligence needs to be embedded in every aspect of business operations. As a result, van der Aalst said process mining will be object-centric instead of viewing processes in isolation. "Real-world processes involve multiple objects," said van der Aalst.

The object-centric foundation moves to a 3-dimensional dynamic view of processes and adds perspective across departments.

Process Sphere moves process mining from X-ray to MRI. Celonis Chief Engineering Officer Vaish Sashikanth said Process Sphere, which is built on object-centric process mining, has a reimagined object-centric approach as well as a new visualization engine that creates a "subway map" across the entire business. Root causes are provided directly into the visualization.

In Process Sphere, the flow of each object is colored for differentiation and the layout makes it easier to spot inefficiencies easier, say a business problem in one department with a root cause in an entirely different department.

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Process mining should be accessible to more people via a reinvented experience in Business Miner and Celonis EMS. Chief Product Officer Ariel Bardin outlined Business Miner, which aims to enable business users with no process mining experience to explore known processes immediately.

This accessibility is delivered via pre-defined KPIs and dashboards as well as a question-and-answer format designed to reduce time-to-insight and share insights.

Bardin added that Celonis is enhancing the user experience across the EMS to provide insights, adapt and help you form insights faster.

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Task mining is more important than ever and updated with Workforce Productivity. Celonis CTO Martin Klenk unveiled Workforce Productivity, a reinvented approach to task mining designed to show how work is actually done while respecting privacy.

Klenk explained that remote work and siloed workforces will require a better employee experience as well as productivity gains. Workforce Productivity can support up to 2,500 concurrent users per project and features a Team Insights feature to compare process quality across teams.

Scale, speed and security have been improved. Klenk said the Celonis Process Data Engine, the heart of Celonis EMS, has been significantly improved to scale data model load times.

Action Flows, Celonis' automation technology, has become simpler to set up, reuse and maintain. IT compliance and governance has also been improved with more options.

Next-gen apps are being built by partners designed for more use cases. Celonis launched Celonis Apps for Accounts Receivable to transform AR operations. Emporix Commerce Execution Platform is designed to transform front-office commerce operations. In addition, more startups are building on top of Celonis EMS and enabling new business models as well as vertical and horizontal applications.

Speaking during the keynote, Eugenio Cassiano, Senior Vice President at Celonis Labs, said Emporix CXP is an example of bringing process intelligence to any application. "We are opening Celonis EMS platform to be consumed by any partner within their business application context," he said.

Jeff DeSandre, CIO of AmerCareRoyal, said the company is using Emporix CXP to turn cash faster and improve the customer journey.

Value is more important than ever. Lufthansa and Mars outlined their value realized from process mining and execution management and how Centers of Excellence (CoEs) speed up returns. Fixing processes means fighting inflation, supply chain problems and pollution. It also means real value on the bottom line.

Mars' Adeel Fudda, Vice President of Intelligence, Automation & Emerging Technology, said during the keynote that most organizations have optimized functions, but haven't unlocked the value trapped in them. He said Process Sphere "brings an end-to-end understanding where the pain points are" and added that Business Miner can allow more users to leverage process insights. "My vision is that process intelligence can move more toward operational intelligence," said Fudda.

Dr. Detlef Kayser, Member of the Executive Board, Fleet & Technology at Lufthansa Group, said process intelligence has to operate at scale at a company that conducts 2,600 flights a day. "What you hear in the news, you'll see in your operations a few minutes later," said Kayser. For instance, the processes behind Lufthansa must adapt to everything from airspace capacity during conflicts, regulation, weather, airport infrastructure and safety.

Kayser outlined a typical flight and highlighted the processes behind connections on global flights. "The question constantly is one of tradeoffs," he said. "We run 10 operations control centers with 800 employees. Behind these centers is a huge complex IT environment and data coming together."

Lufthansa is currently standardizing data ingestion and harmonizing it, creating digital twins of operations and feeding a solution generator that can adapt to multiple scenarios for crew, aircraft, passengers and dispatch. Celonis process intelligence and operational intelligence are blending together, said Kayser.

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Larry Dignan
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Larry Dignan is the former Editor in Chief of Celonis Media. Before joining Celonis, he was Editor in Chief of ZDNet and has covered the technology industry and transformation trends for more than two decades, publishing articles in WallStreetWeek.com, Inter@ctive Week, The New York Times, and Financial Planning magazine.

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