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The Celonis Starter Kit: Time to Value, Accelerated

Using the Celonis EMS opens up a near infinite number of use cases to optimize your processes. It’s great. But it can also be overwhelming. Our new Starter Kit enables Celonis EMS users to identify and frame the most valuable use cases fast. It is a collection of 4 new assets including applications and a knowledge repository to guide users through value identification.

These Celonis Business Apps are available starting today in the Celonis Marketplace for the following processes:

For each process, the Starter Kit focuses on 5 key use cases proven to generate the most value for our thousands of customers.

The Starter Kit is specifically designed to take our users on an accelerated and focused value journey for your core processes through four powerful tools:

1. Knowledge Model: You’ll start with the knowledge model, which serves as a central, codified source of Celonis’ process knowledge and continuously evolves over time. It accelerates implementation by leveraging existing KPI, inefficiency, and best practice definitions.

Celonis Starter Kit Knowledge Model animated gif

2. Validation Cockpit: Next, you’ll validate key business inputs and data in the Validation Cockpit. This ensures we have an accurate foundation for deployment and helps build trust with stakeholders that key data, metrics and calculations are accurate.

Celonis Starter Kit Validation Cockpit animated gif

3. Process Cockpit: From here, you’ll use the Process Cockpit to discover when, where and why inefficiencies happen, fast. The Process Cockpit assesses your performance against Celonis’ most powerful use cases and reveals critical inefficiencies.

Celonis Starter Kit Process Cockpit animated gif

4. Value Discovery App: Finally, you’ll decide which use cases to get started with. The Value Discovery App prioritizes use cases based on the highest potential value and provides a guided flow to expedite solutioning.

Celonis Starter Kit Value Discovery App animated gif

Get started with the Celonis Starter Kit

You can learn more about the Celonis Starter Kit with our 1-page datasheet and the Celonis Academy quick reference guide.

Celonis customers can also reach out to their account team for assistance implementing the Starter Kit.

Divya Krishnan
Vice President of Product Marketing
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