Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Process Mining!
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Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Process Mining!

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von Brandon J. Ortiz
Januar 15, 2020
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It seems that a fundamental truth has dawned on business leaders everywhere: that the key to driving real outcomes and true organizational transformation was right there all along, in our business processes. Headed into 2020, weโ€™ve seen Gartner declare โ€œhyperautomationโ€ (a fancy way of saying "AI-based process automation") as their top strategic technology trend, and major attention on Process Mining technology from Forrester, Forbes, and others.

Here at Celonis, weโ€™re of course thrilled to see the increased focus on Process Excellence in general and Process Mining specifically. But we also know that the topic is still new to many, and that questions abound. How do Process Mining tools work? What does it take to roll it out successfully? What should you look for when selecting a vendor? What makes it better than other approaches to process improvement?

After seeing so many questions like these out there, we thought, โ€œLetโ€™s give these people some answers!โ€ After all, weโ€™ve helped hundreds of companies around the world implement Process Mining technology and achieve breakthrough outcomes. So now, weโ€™ve taken that all of that knowledge and experience and put it into the brand-new Ultimate Guide to Process Mining.


Clocking in at over 50 pages, this is an all-in-one handbook for Process Excellence. Let's take a peek at what's inside.

What Process Mining is and how it works

Ultimate Guide - Lifecycle

In the Guide, we walk you through the ins and outs of Process Mining, including a list of the most common systems and processes it's applied to, and the Discover-Enhance-Monitor methodology.

The advantages of this new approach to outcome-driven process improvement

Ultimate Guide - history large

We show you a bit of the history of Process Excellence and go into the benefits over traditional process mapping exercises, BPM solutions, and BI dashboards.

The steps to a successful deployment

Ultimate Guide screenshot - framework

In the third chapter, we take you through an entire implementation step-by-step, showing best practices from implementation and rollout, to executive buy-in and adoption.ย 

What success looks like and how to get started

Ultimate Guide - Finance Use Case

In the last section, weโ€™ve included some useful tools to help you take the first (or the next) step. First, youโ€™ll find โ€œvalue trees,โ€ which are tables of solutions and outcomes that Process Mining supports, organized by role: Finance, Procurement, Order Management, and so on. We also threw in a sample ROI calculation, a checklist of features to ask about when selecting a Process Mining vendor, and some hands-on activities to help you get started and plan your project.

We hope that this Guide will become your compass for success and a go-to resource on your Process Mining journey.

Join us on February 20 for a webinar where we walk through tips and tricks for using the Ultimate Guide:

Download your copy of the Ultimate Guide here:

Brandon J. Ortiz - headshot
Brandon J. Ortiz
Vice President, Content Marketing

Vice President of Content Marketing for Celonis

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