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Extraordinary Experiences: The Processes Behind Coffee

What keeps the world of business rolling?

Thirty years into my professional career, the one thing that I count on to keep me going is my cup of coffee. It’s a part of my routine, and I don’t go a day without it. 

Recently, I was sitting in my office chair, cup of coffee in hand, and I started wondering: What processes are behind my morning fix? 

Let’s dive in. 

What are the processes behind coffee? 

The journey of coffee is quite an interesting one. The beans are first harvested, then washed, gutted, sorted, dried and bagged in the right quantity and quality. Several tons of coffee beans are then transported from coffee farmers to various countries and continents. Hidden behind all these steps, but essential for my cup of coffee, are processes. Each process step must thereby be executed without any friction and harmonized perfectly with the others. The slightest deviation of one stage would cause a crucial snag in the system and would mean that I had to start my day without a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

So in order to start my day, I need to have full insights into all those processes and remove any friction. Luckily, Celonis enables me to manage all my processes digitally. I can discover, enhance and monitor any business process end to end and in real time from where I am.

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Marcell Vollmer
Chief Innovation Officer

Marcell Vollmer leads partnership and go-to-market teams at Celonis as its Chief Innovation Officer. A former business process owner, Vollmer evangelizes the power of process mining and is a key executive sponsor for the some of the world’s largest enterprises. Vollmer is a 14-year SAP veteran who served as Chief Digital Officer at SAP Ariba, where he drove strategies to help the world’s leading companies to eliminate procurement and supply chain complexity. Before that, he was Chief Procurement Officer at SAP, where he led over 200 professionals who managed billions in global spend volume and created a shared services team. Prior to that he held strategic project and finance roles at SAP.

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