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The Next View partners with Celonis to bring HANA-based Process Mining to the Netherlands

July 25, 2016

Companies can use Process Mining to analyse large amounts of process data in order to quickly identify and analyse all occurring variants of a process. This rapidly provides clear insight into where people consciously or unconsciously deviate from existing processes. โ€˜You often donโ€™t know that many of these process versions even exist,โ€™ explains Ronald Lanjouw, who is a Partner at The Next View. โ€˜Thatโ€™s why they are either not or not sufficiently visible on the KPI dashboards. So lots of improvements can be made in this area. Transparency and continuous process improvement are two examples. And benefits can also be achieved in the areas of fraud prevention and compliance support.โ€™

SAP HANA ensures a boost in Process Mining

Lanjouw foresees Process Mining taking the SAP world by storm. โ€˜Youโ€™ve got to have computing capabilities for Process Mining. Thanks to the in-memory computing capabilities SAP provides its customers through the HANA platform, Process Mining will come within the reach of more and more companies,โ€™ says Lanjouw. โ€˜The Next View can help these companies with the installation, configuration and implementation of the Celonis Process Mining solution in its role as Consulting Partner. The Next Viewโ€™s data scientists can also help with analyzing the results in order to get maximum value out of Celonisโ€™ Process Mining solution.โ€™

Valuable partnership

The partnership with Celonis fits in seamlessly with The Next Viewโ€™s strategy in which Big Data plays a central role alongside Cloud and Security. โ€˜Several of our data scientists have been trained by Celonis and are already working with customers,โ€™ says Lanjouw. โ€˜Our employees also have direct access to Celonisโ€™ support and resources. Whatโ€™s more, weโ€™re the first to find out about new product developments and possibilities. We in turn contribute our experience and best practices. Our SAP HANA and Big Data expertise are an excellent addition and guarantee a successful implementation.โ€™ The partnership is also rewarding for Celonis. Tim van Abeelen, Celonis Director Benelux: โ€˜Consulting Partners such as The Next View help accelerate the adoption of Celonis Process Mining. In addition, we can use their experience with implementation at clients to further develop the product.โ€™

About The Next View

The Next View provides state-of-the-art, user-friendly solutions based on Big Data, Cloud and Security technology that help clients get even more out of their SAP landscape. Pleasant and professional people with extensive knowledge in the field of SAP and UX work at The Next View.


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