Snap + ServiceNow = Perfectly Executed Service Management

Celonis Snap for ServiceNow

Celonis Snap gives you 100% transparency into your ServiceNow Incident Management Process for free, and with no installation required. Harness the power of Process Mining — the technology at the core of the Celonis Execution Management System — to quickly reveal hidden execution gaps in your processes, and take action to eliminate them.

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Enhance Your ServiceNow Experience with Snap


100% Transparency

Intelligent algorithms help you to reconstruct, analyze, and understand your ServiceNow processes accurately, so you can focus on the most important areas of improvement.


Reduce Ticket Volume & Resolution Costs

Celonis Snap for ServiceNow enables you to identify and eliminate root causes of execution gaps across your entire service desk operation to decrease costs & volumes.


Increase Ticket Resolution Efficiency

Solve tickets faster by optimizing assignment rules, reducing multi-hop tickets, and optimizing your automation potential.

Step 1: Sign Up

It only takes a few minutes to get started with Snap and experience the power of Process Mining

Snap Sign-Up Screenshot
Snap Sign-Up Screenshot

Step 2: Connect Data

Connect your ServiceNow instance to Snap.

Celonis Snap Home Screen Screenshot
Celonis Snap Home Screen Screenshot

Step 3: Gather Insights

Gain valuable insights instantly with our pre-built Celonis for ServiceNow apps.

ServiceNow Screenshot
ServiceNow Screenshot

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Ready to Get Started with Snap?

Sign up in minutes and experience the power of Process Mining for free.

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